In the first year you'll be facing some baby teething problems - learn more about the baby's oral care and how to face teething problems.

Taking care of your baby means taking care of your baby's teeth and you can also face some teething problems. You may already know that an average age for the first signs of teething is six months, but this is a variable fact. In some cases babies are already born with a tooth, and others wait for a whole year for the first teeth to show up.

So here's a list of things you should know about teething problems:

If by 18 months your baby hasn't already any sign of teeth, you need to see a doctor about this. It's a problem that needs to be investigated. If you are really worried, you can do it yourself: try running a clean finger along the inside of your baby's gum. If you find a bumpy bit, this might mean a tooth is on its way.

Baby's First Teeth and Teething Problems

If your baby is experiencing hard times until the first teeth appear, try massaging a chilled teething gel into the gums. Or you may try teethers, but remember that they need to be sterilized.

Your child's first teeth might last only a few years, but if you learn to take care of them now, you'll be able to teach the baby a proper oral hygiene that's going to last for a lifetime. Remember that calcium is essential in this matter - so give your baby lots of diary products - milk, cheese and yogurt. Teach him to brush his teeth twice everyday and use fluoride toothpaste.