Latest researches have shown that baby massage has numerous health benefits for the baby, improving their healthy development and growth. Here are some of the most important health benefits of massaging your child: it enhances blood circulation, improves digestion, helps relieve gas, improves posture and flexibility, strengthens the cardiovascular system, promotes the better functioning of the immune system, increases vitality, facilitates relaxation and aids sleeping, soothing and comforting the baby.

Besides all these wonderful advantages, it is also a great way to develop a better communication between the parents and the newborn, creating a strong bond between them. Follow these steps and learn some simple massage routines in order to nurture your child and give your baby the best care.

Find the Right Time

One of the most important things is finding the best time, in order to fully concentrate on your baby without being interrupted. It is equally important to avoid massaging the baby right before and after feeding. The best times are in the mornings when both of you are fresh and in the evening, for the baby to get a good night’s sleep. Usually a baby massage only needs to last for about 15-20 minutes, but it all depends on how the baby reacts to the touch and movement. Insert a daily massage into your program so you can provide your child with delicate care and affection, letting your baby enjoy your nurturing touch.

Pay Attention to Comfort

The second important thing after timing is comfort. Make sure you sit or stand comfortable and lay he child on his back on a soft towel because first you will start with massaging the front of the baby and only then the back part. Make sure the room temperature is warm enough and the lighting is soft. Talk and sing to your baby or indulge yourselves with some relaxing music and enjoy the moments spent together. It is important to respect the baby’s integrity and do what is good for your little one. A newborn generally enjoys less massaging time, while a few month old baby may like to get a longer massage. Check your child’s reactions and continue the massage as long as your baby needs it.

Massage Your Baby with Massage Oils

Massage oils have many positive effects on babies, calming them and providing a sense of comfort. Massage time can promote a wonderful attachment between the mother and child and oils play an important role in this process. Another benefit of using massage oils is that they let your hands slide gently on the baby’s body. Opt for natural, edible oils such as grape seed oil or almond oil but you can use pure vegetable oil as well, adding a drop of lavender, vanilla or lemon scent to make the massage even more pleasant. Edible oils are the best option since babies tend to play with their hands or feet and oil can easily get into their mouth. You can also purchase gentle massage oils that are specially designed fort the sensitive skin of the babies. Make sure you avoid using the oil on the baby’s face and head. Warm the oil into your palms and roll your baby’s arms, sliding your hands on the baby’s chest. Gently massage the tummy from right to the left, using one hand after the other. Walk your fingers on the tummy from left to right and from top to bottom. Roll each leg in your palms and massage the baby’s little feet. Carefully push the knees towards the tummy and count for a few seconds and then repeat the movement. Proceed with massaging the back, using back and forth motions across, and then from the shoulders down to the baby’s feet. End your massage with a gentle kiss.

Express your love through your hands when massaging your baby and let the other family members experience these unique feelings as well.