Sometimes, you can decide that you’re ready for a baby after getting pregnant, but if you want to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to prepare for this important moment, it’s important to make a checklist.

Discover the biggest signs you’re ready to have a baby, and decide for yourself if this is the right time for you to get pregnant. Whether you’re in a long term relationship or want to take this big step on your own, here’s what to look for when you commit to becoming a mother.

1. You Feel Emotionally Ready

Some people never feel ready to become parents, yet they manage to rise to the occasion when that happens. However, if you think you’re prepared for this huge commitment, that’s a good first step. There are a lot of things to consider besides being emotionally ready, but if you decide you want to be a mother, you can tackle them individually and find the right solutions.

2. Things Are Stable

You and your baby will need stability. Whether that means a relationship with a great guy, a job where you don’t have to travel a lot or financial security, becoming prepared to put your child first when it comes to offering a stable environment is one of the signs you’re ready to have a baby.

3. You Can Accept the Career Implications

Even if you’re in a great relationship and he wants to be a stay at home father, you should be prepared to take a few months off from work. If you want to be 100% focused on your career goals, then you might consider waiting a bit until you take that time off to give birth and care for your baby.

4. You’ve Worked Out the Finances

One of the most important signs you’re ready to have a baby is the fact that you have long term plans for your finances. Whether you’ll be doing it on your own or have a great support system, it’s important to be prepared for some changes, and putting your child or children first. That can also mean a change in lifestyle, particularly if you want to pay for college.

Ready To Have Babies

5. You Have a Post-Pregnancy Plan

Whether you decide to get a nanny or benefit from being close to your parents or in-laws, it’s important to have things figured out for the difficult few weeks after you give birth. You won’t get a lot of sleep after you baby comes along, so make sure that you’ve got a plan for that. Whether you’re planning on getting a longer maternity leave or a short one, figure things out before you get there.

6. You Get Jealous When Your Friends Get Pregnant

It’s one of the most obvious signs you’re ready to have a baby. If everyone around you is experiencing motherhood and you feel left behind, then it might be the right time for you to conceive or adopt. When you feel like you’d like to experience it for yourself, despite knowing all the drawbacks of it, you’re ready.

7. You’re Already Thinking About Specifics

Whether you’ve started looking for the perfect crib or you’re already thinking about how to adapt your wardrobe for pregnancy, getting specific in your plans also means that it could be the right time for you to become a mother.

8. You’ve Understood and Accepted the Sacrifices

From going out to sleeping in and having time for yourself, there are plenty of things you’ll lose, at least temporarily when you decide to become a mother. If you feel prepared for that, you’re seeing one of the biggest signs you’re ready to have a baby. You’ll go through plenty of physical changes during pregnancy, and there are sacrifices on all levels that you have to be prepared for.

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9. You’ve Already Chosen Names

If you have boy names and girl names and you’ve already fantasized about holding your baby and helping shape them into a great human being, you might be ready for it. Check off a few more things from the list and you’re set.

10. You Know There’s Never a Perfect Time

While it would be perfect to have everything fall into place, one of the most important signs you’re ready to have a baby is accepting the fact that there’s not such thing as a perfect moment. Sacrifices will have to be made and your life will change forever, whether it’s in your 20s or 40s.