“The pill” one of the most used contraception methods by women is receiving some serious competition. It seems that medicine has evolved greatly in this domain and is trying to improve contraception methods.

Contraception methods are preferred because they can protect against unwanted pregnancy. The pills can contain a combination of hormones, estrogen and progesterone, or they can just contain progesterone. It is up to you to choose the kind of contraceptive pills you wish, under the guidance and advice of your physician.

Since progress is being made in this domain, better and improved contraception methods have been introduced to the market. These contraception methods may take the place of regular pill contraceptives.

Injectable Contraceptives

These contraceptives are administered once every month through an intramuscular administration of the injection containing a combination hormone substance or a progesterone based one, depending on each womans personal needs. The content of the injection is gradually absorbed by the organism, that way it will function just like the pills only without the hassle of remembering and keeping track of the pills. The injection offers protection for an entire month, after which the process will have to be repeated.

Vaginal Ring

The vaginal ring is a contraception method which necessitates the insertion of a transparent and flexible ring into the vagina. The insertion can be compared with the one of a diaphragm. The ring is impregnated with hormones which gradually absorb into the organism to create a similar effect to taking birth control pills. The ring needs to be changed every three weeks, if possible at the same time as it was first applied.

Birth Control Patches

These seem to be the most comfortable and easy to use contraception methods. The application method is simple and painless. A patch is simply applied on the skin, and changed every week. In the forth week no patch will be applied and this is when the menstruation will appear. The patches are called Ortho Evra and contain a higher dose of estrogen levels than regular birth control pills.

Subdermal Implant for Birth Control

This is process which needs to be done by a professional because the implant, which is the size of a matchstick needs to be inserted under the skin of the upper arm area. The implant will release hormones which will protect against unwanted pregnancy for about 3 years. The implant can be removed by a professional at any time.

Choose the contraception method which suites you best, but first consult with your physician.