According to a new report of March of Dimes every year, about 8 million babies all over the world are born with gene-related birth defects, an amount of 6% of all global births in a given year.

Genetic disorders or diseases are all congenital, though they may not be expressed or recognized until later in life. It is said that there are more than 7000 genetic or partially genetic birth defects.

The reports are horrifying; more than 3 million children die of genetic birth defects by age 5, and almost as many may be permanently affected by their birth defect.

The chances of having a baby with a disorder like this can be improved, with good nutrition, a well balanced life, family planning, medical care and examination.

Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects

What kind of genetic birth defects we’re talking about here? Well, the most common one is the heart defects that involve more than a million births every year.

Neural tube defects, blood disorders, the Down syndrome and G6PD deficiency (enzyme deficiency that causes anemia). The numbers are scary, the Down syndrome is associated with more than 217,000 births worldwide a year, blood disorders with more than 307,000 births.

The March of Dimes gives some solutions for avoiding these genetic birth defects, insisting on a proper diet. Everyone knows that diet is a major factor in our life, it influences all our existence.

What’s recommended?Fortifying salt with iodine cuts down on illness due to insufficient iodine. Fortifying flour and other grain products with folic acid (folate) help avoid neural tube birth defects.