Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, if it happens at the right time in life, a time when you are ready to take that kind of responsibility. Childbirth is one of the most unique moments in life which women are blessed to experience.

Having unprotected sex even just one time can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Sometimes even contraception methods can fail since not all of them are 100% effective, so it is best to find out which are the first symptoms of pregnancy in order to provide a healthy lifestyle for the unborn baby from early on in case of a pregnancy.

Most women experience pregnancy women from early on while some women don’t experience any symptoms at all. The most common symptoms of pregnancy are:

tender breasts


mood swings



These symptoms are not only pregnancy symptoms so they might be signs of a health problem. If you think there is a change you might be pregnant, and you are experiencing several of these symptoms, it is best to try and find out if you are really pregnant to give the baby a healthy start at life:

make the proper calculations and find out when you period is due. Your period comes, if regular, about every 28 days so if you are late there is a chance you are pregnant

buy a home pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant. Even though they are most of the time reliable, home pregnancy tests might not detect a pregnancy if it is an early pregnancy. The pregnancy needs to be about 2 weeks in order for the test to be sure

if the pregnancy test came out negative or positive, but you still have doubts it is best to make an appointment with a gynecologist. The gynecologist will take a sample of your blood, and will be able to determine if you are or aren’t pregnant

Finding out as early as possible if you are pregnant is best for you as well as your fetus, so take immediate action once you think there is a possibility of you being pregnant.