Nail Salon Etiquette: Be There on Time

Punctuality is a quality often disregarded nowadays. But if you want to enjoy an as pleasant as possible experience when at a nail salon, make sure you possess it!

Get at the nail salon on time, or even a few minutes earlier. Remember that your nail technician’s time is as precious as yours, and that if you’re running late, you may not get the awaited manicure or pedicure.

Nail Salon Etiquette: Cancel Appointments in Due Time

Another nail salon etiquette rule states that you should cancel an appointment as soon as possible, i.e. ideally 24 hours beforehand. Even if you’re facing a last minute inconvenience, make sure you let know your nail technician a.s.a.p. that you won’t be able to make it.

Nail Salon Etiquette

Manicure Etiquette: Remove Nail Polish at Home

Though it is not mandatory to perform any special activity on your fingernails before going to a nail salon, you may still want to remove nail polish at home. This simple manicure etiquette rule will ensure that you save precious time. What is more, it will allow your nail technician to focus on more important aspects of your nail care experience.

Pedicure Etiquette: Shave your Legs

An unspoken pedicure etiquette rule states that you should shave your legs before attending your nail salon appointment. It is not mandatory, but it may save you from the embarrassment of having to show your hairy legs to a complete stranger.

Pedicure Etiquette: Make Sure Your Nails and Feet are Healthy

If the previous pedicure etiquette rule was not mandatory, this one is: you should never get a pedicure at a nail salon if your toenails are suffering from a fungal infection. There’s a simple explanation for this pedicure etiquette rule: you should have the courtesy of avoiding transmitting your disease to other clients.

What is more, you shouldn’t go to get a pedicure if your feet have fresh wounds or calluses, as they run the risk of getting infected.

Pedicure At A Salon

Nail Salon Tipping Etiquette

Last but not least, you shouldn’t ignore the nail salon tipping etiquette. You should keep in mind that the standard is tipping 15-20% of the manicure or pedicure bill. Still, if your nail technician performed an intricate procedure, e.g. 3D nail art, you may want to surpass the 20% limit.

There’s also a nail salon tipping etiquette rule when you’re dissatisfied. You may lower the tip percentage to 10%, or may leave no tip at all if you’ve had an awful experience. And don’t forget to talk to the manager about the unpleasant experience.

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