Best Nail Salons in London: OPI Nail Bar

If you enjoy using OPI nail products, then OPI Nail Bar London is the perfect beauty salon for you! Located in Selfridges, this luxury London nail bar is worth the investment, as it provides high quality services and the newest OPI nail products and nail polish colors. Your nail care experience won’t be complete at OPI Nail Bar without the friendly and well trained staff!

Best Nail Salons in London: MW Nails

Dubbed the best nail bar in London, MW Nails is an airplane-themed beauty salon, located on 3 Chichester Rents. Here you may enjoy a relaxing and luxurious nail care experience in business class comfortable airplane seats. Besides the standard manis and pedis, MW Nails also provides travel themed services such as “Two Weeks To Tahiti”, a long lasting mani.

Mw Nails Salon London

Best Nail Salons in London: Vy’s Nail Salon

Located in Baker Street, this beauty center is listed among the best nail salons in London, as it provides top notch nail services at reasonable prices. Vy’s earned its clients’ trust and appreciation through flawless services, friendly staff, and high class nail products.

Vy Nails Salon London

Best Nail Salons in London: Casa Spa

If what you’re looking for a budget friendly, yet incredible nail care experience, then Casa Spa from Paddington district is the place to go! Casa Spa is listed among the best nail salons in London, and for a good reason: it provides flawless services and a cheerful atmosphere, all wrapped into a low cost experience.

Casa Spa Nail Salon London

Best Nail Salons in London: WAH Nails

WAH Nails is one of the best nail salons in London when it comes to nail art. This Dalson nail art salon employs skilled and creative staff that are able to come up with amazing nail art designs! What is more, the nail art salon in London also provides a colorful design on the walls, in harmony with the nail art services it offers.

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Wah Nails Salon London

Best Nail Salons in London: Hula Nails

A fancy, vintage looking beauty center, Hula Nails welcomes its clients in a Tiki-themed salon and retro chic clad beauticians! Besides the wonderful atmosphere it provides, Hula Nails beauty center offers excellent services, ranging from standard to intricate, retro-themed manis and pedis.

Hula Nails Salon London

Once you’re there, enjoy a couple of relaxing hours in the area dedicated to Hollywood’s old movies. Meanwhile, allow yourself to be pampered by the Hula Nails staff with a manicure or a pedicure.

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