Add runway-glam to your appearance with a gorgeous manicure design. Embrace the colorful mani trend and put your painting skills and creativity to a fab test. Use a high class nail kit to polish and shape your nails like a real pro.

Experiment with these stylish nail art trends for the holidays below and don’t forget to pamper your nails with the best conditioning treatments. In need of inspiration be sure to visit the hottest beauty blog created by Rosario. Make My Day enlists some of the dazzling nail designs you can also rock during the festive season.

Fruit Nail Art Fruit Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Polka Dot Nails

Transform your party season look to stay on trend with the newest beauty waves. Raid the local shops for the newest nail polish collections and play with hues that suit your personality. Regardless of the length of your nails, you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at a multitude of prints and patterns. Improve your painting skills by proceeding from the super-simple designs to the complicated manicure trends. Scan the most inspiring examples and feel free to include them in your nail design collection. Learn from aspiring nail technicians and beauty divas who are ready to furnish you with an infinite repertoire of manis.

Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

Drench your nails in pastel and flirty or edgy and neon tones to rise above the crowd with your unique look. Opt for oh-so-pretty and faddish prints as polka dots, fruit images, animal prints and stripes. Come up with refined ideas on how to take your painting skills to the next level. Wow your friends with sight-pampering manicure models that guarantee your trendsetter reputation. Dare to be different and rock a brand new mani design each time you leave the house.

Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

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