This year’s nail colours are bright, bold and vibrant. If you are short of any new ideas, find out more about what the latest and hottest nail color trends for 2010 are and get yourself a gorgeous manicure!

Metallics Metallic gold, silver and bronze are a big hit this year. The liquid metal effect nails are at all rage in 2010. These eye-catching, exciting nail polishes and sticker-like adhesive pieces called Minx nails are also highly popular among such celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce and many other female stars who are also fond of metallic nails this year. For a special occasion try a truly original and hot metallic nail polish and gather some envious looks.

Trendy Blues Navy blues and other variations of blue are among the top nail colors for this year. New shades of blue are constantly appearing on the nail polish market, navy blue being an absolute must have. Darker shades and brighter blues are also in vogue this year. Many celebrities from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham have been seen with different variations of blue nails.

Pastels Warm, pastel nail polish colors are reinvented this year and are amongst the hottest items of the 2010 nail trend. As colors in nature are changing from season to season, you can also look forward to pamper yourself with a series of new, fashionable colors like pastel oranges, pinks, greens, yellows and purples. For an edgier look you can also add a layer of glitter nail polish.

Neons As opposite to the pastels, the less natural, neon shades of nail polishes are also very chic in 2010. Bright colours were spotted all over the runways this spring. Later this season or in the summertime you can try the hottest neon nail polishes in orange, yellow, pink or blue shades and get yourself a trendy party look.

Black Black nail polish is back again. For a special, gothic inspired look, put on a fashionable black nail polish either with shine or in matte version. Black nails are really hot choices for parties and other informal appearances and can be used as great background colors for glitters, sparkling nail stones or nail art designs. Whereas many Hollywood female celebrities were spotted wearing this color on their nails, black nail polishes are even favored by several male musicians, for a punkier, rock star look. Don’t forget that black nail polishes look good on short nails.

Reds Classic red nails never go out of fashion. These vibrant shades continue to be very popular in 2010 also. Always select a shade that matches your personality and your outfit. For a chic and classy look, red nail polishes are usually worn with shorter nails.

As you can see, this year’s nail trend comes with exciting, fresh and vibrant colors. To achieve the greatest results nourish your nails with regular nail care treatments and give them a uniform, elegant shape. Complete your look with a gorgeous nail polish and feel confident wherever you go.

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