Glam up your manicure for a super-stylish new season look. Strip off all your confidence issues and grab a wider color palette you can work with. Draw some inspiration from the hottest runway nail color trends 2012.

Banish monotony by tinting your nails with radiant and eye-popping hues. Famous beauticians are eager to furnish you with a set of inspirational nail designs for the boring weekdays and party events. It’s finally time to explore the benefits of fabulously polished and playful nails.

Red Nail Color Grey Nail Color Green Nail Color Dark Nail Color

Dare to stand out from the crowd with a mesmerizing new manicure. Skim through the newest beauty trends and pack your nail painting kit with the latest nail polishes. Pre-planning is important to make sure you sport a color that suits your skin tone. This is a factor to be considered if you wish to sport a natural-looking and classy manicure. On the other hand, if you are eager to break out of your shell, you can tint your nails with a flashy and bold hue.

Yellow Nail Color Green Nail Color Wine Nail Color Nude Nail Color

The most impressive nail trends range from classy to flashy. Depending on your mood and the event, opt for a manicure style that flaunts your beauty-consciousness. Neon colors are perfect to add a splash of joy to your look. Play up your funky and flirty side and paint your nails green, blue or yellow. Furthermore, if you are a fan of neutral hues, you can work the Gothic and classy manicure trends using black, blue and metallic tones. Take a closer look at the most creative and inspiring mani designs to stay on trend with the up-and-coming beauty waves.

White Nail Color Silver Nail Color

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