There are a myriad of nail polish hues available to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they all suit the new trends. The contemporary world has brought up to the surface bold, neon hues which combine beautifully with neutral, classic hues to ensure a perfect union of vintage and urban-styles that dominate the fashion scene. Celebrities usually sport the latest trends as far as everything goes from fashion to accessories, so if you’re looking for inspiration, take a peek at some of the most popular celebrity nail color trends in 2011.

Image is of crucial importance for celebs, so no wonder they pay attention to the smallest details. Nail color has become a definite must have these past few years, so don’t be afraid to experiment and plunge into the colorful world of nail polishes. Create simple or sophisticated nail art designs as either way your nails will look hot and will complete any outfit style.

Glittery hues

Glitter has definitely made a comeback as glamor has everything to do with femininity and style. Since there are various glittery hues out there, you can opt for neutrals or bights depending on personal preference. Shimmery gold, pearl, gray, beige, pink, red are all uber-popular hues which should definitely not miss from your nail polish collection this year. Go for a simple glittery nail polish design as Paris or spice things up as Keri Hilson and apply a glittery sheer top coat over a French tip manicure.

French manicure

There is definitely nothing hotter and more popular then the timeless French manicure, which can make the best out of your nails regardless of you style. Go for a cool traditional style French manicure just as Cheryl Cole or opt to add a touch of modernism to the design by opting for a cute colorful French tip just like Jessica Alba. You can opt for neutral as well as bold, neon nail polish hues to create your colorful French style manicure, just make sure you opt for a tone that complements your skin and outfit.

Red and coral nails

Bold, sexy hues such as coral and red can make the best out of your nails, but keep in mind that they are not for everyone. These hues ooze seductiveness, so they need to be worn with a high dose of confidence. Opt for fierce red like Rihanna or go for a warmer coral hue nail polish like Stephanie Pratt depending on personal preference. Coat your nails simply or mix different contrasting hues which work well with red. Opt for such a nail polish if you want your nails to steal the attention.

Neon and neutral nails

This season both neutrals and neons are fabulous and equally hot, so select to sport the color that suit your outfit and personality. Go for neon pink like Nicki Minaj if you love being in the center of attention or opt for a nude nail polish just like Khloe Kardashian Odom if you’re looking for a more classical approach to a fashionable look. A half moon design can work wonders with most hues, so if you want to give your nails a more unique look, this can be a great option.