Nail color has always played an important role in fashion. Nail color can enhance and complete the overall look of a person, contributing to a more appealing and stylish look.

Since fashion trends change every year, so must the nail polish trends. Even though they seem to have little importance, the truth is they are definitely a must since nail color can upgrade the outfits and the aspect of a person, making the person appear more groomed.

The cosmetic industry has come a long way, developing and improving their products every year. Nail polishes are becoming easier to apply and quicker to dry. There are a variety of shades available to suite all preferences. Different shades of each individual color is available in order to match every skin tone and desires.

Colors range from simple light colors to extreme colors like hot pink, neon blue, yellow and so on. The nail polishes can have a matte, shimmery or pearl finish. All lacquers look incredible, all a person needs to do is find the right shade which complements the hand and the complexion.

There are several brands which manufacture nail polishes so it is important to choose the one you like best. Each brand tries to develop lacquers which are easier to apply, less harmful for the nails, quick drying and longer staying. It is best to choose the brand which you like most because that way you will feel much more pleased with the results.

nail polish trends fall 2009 OPI nail polish

Color is very important in our life because it brings happiness or can help express certain states of being. Nail polishes can be used to create simple or very complicated designs. All that is required is a good quality nail polish and some skill.

Nail varnish looks great even in one simple color. The winter season brings with it it\’s current trends to match the latest fashion tendencies. The trends this fall/winter season are leaning towards darker colors. The most popular nail polish colors will be dark plums, wine, grays, charcoal, dark purples, navy, dark browns, dark orange.

These colors will match and complement the current fashion color trends. The nail polishes can be worn matte or shimmery depending on each persons preference and style. Wear bold colors if you are confident because bold colors will attract desired attention.

Nail polishes can be for for every single type of occasion, from casual to formal. They can be matched with the outfit or they can be totally different that the outfit to draw attention. Pick the color which works best for you and you will definitely look stylish. Mix and match to create wonderful designs to make you nails look incredibly gorgeous.

Top left: OPI Matte Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy Top right: Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer in Superstar Bottom left: Silver Minx manicure Bottom right: Calgel color gradation tips Images via Marie Claire