If you’d like to be remembered as the gorgeous girl with the fabulous nails, you have to pay more attention to your nails but without having to spend tens of dollars on weekly manicures. There are numerous easy nail art ideas that you can turn towards, so make sure this winter your nails get you showered with compliments by recreating the following designs.

You don’t have to be a pro to create fabulous looking nails, all you need is a bit of time, a bit of practice and the right tricks and products, so dare to explore the exciting world of nail art and bring out your inner nail artist as it’s only nail polish and any mistakes can be easily erased with nail polish remover, meaning you’ve got nothing to lose!

If you’re thinking of bringing out your inner seductress, go with a fabulous red shade. Apply it all over the nail, on the tips, in a half moon or asymmetrically and paired with another hue. Because eye catching designs don’t rely only on the power of the nail polish’s pigmentation, you have to turn towards stamps, rhinestone applications, needle nail art and why not, nail art stickers.

Rhinestones are applied freely on the wet nail polish while the marbled effects are created by combining two or multiple nail lacquers applied on the same nail using a nail art needle while the color is still wet. Stickers and stamps should be used when the nail polish has already dried and the design is then sealed with a layer of clear top coat.

Neutral Delight

Neutral tones have been causing a stir in both the fashion and beauty industry, so no wonder that this color applied on your digits can instantly underline your fashionista status. Neutral or nude colored nails look great on their own, but they look even hotter when paired with a contrasting color and some sizzling motifs, so turn towards two tone French manicures, inverted French nail art designs, cool stripes and asymmetric designs as there’s nothing you can’t do. If you’re all a diva and love all-ladylike designs, floral applications whether created using a nail art or stamped on, they look fantastic and pose as a great solution to a stunning vintage allure manicure.

Glitter Obsession

Have we already told you that we love, love, love glitter? Well, if we haven’t, we have to confess that we do, especially when it comes to glitter nail art. Glitter dust looks amazing and can instantly glam up your mani. Apply the glitter dust on wet nail polish or top coat in the pattern you desire and let it dry! It’s as easy as that, so get your digits glittered-up to perfection. Use a mix of glitter and your fave holiday nail polish pigments and add some fab animal prints, stripes or geometric patterns to give your mani a totally modern allure!

Photos courtesy of Ucinotora