The zodiac has many helpful clues to your destiny, but it even has tips on which nail polish colors go best with the different horoscope signs. If you trust the stars, try these gorgeous shades for your nails. They’ll help you express your personality and bring out your personal charm.

Find out more about the relationship between nail color and zodiac sign in order to fully explore your astrological inheritance through your beauty choices every day or just for special occasions.


Filled with energy, the Aries woman needs a strong shade to express her personality and her hunger for success. 

Aries Nail Colors

Purple is a great, majestic choice for Aries when it comes to nail color by zodiac sign, but you should also try bold reds that really show off your confidence and passion.

Taurus Nail Colors


If you were born under the sign of the bull, you’re most likely very organised and crave order over chaos. Strength and affection are other important characteristics that make green an excellent choice for nail polish. Another way to go is with subtle shades of pink, not too bright, but elegant.

Gemini Nail Colors


There’s no lack of determination when it comes to the Gemini, who are often most afraid of… boredom. The right nail color by zodiac sign is either a daring orange or a truly extroverted yellow that really makes a statement. Don’t be afraid to wear these strong colors, but don’t go too far with a sparkling finish.

Cancer Nail Colors


If you’re a Cancer, you don’t easily give your trust away, but when you do start caring for someone, you always get protective. Silver is the right shade that gives you just enough shine to stand out from your shell. Show off your romantic side with a strong metallic silver and you won’t regret it.

Leo Nail Colors


Creative and sometimes even bossy, the Leo has a lot of strength and energy and are willing to extend their radiance to everyone around. The best nail color by zodiac sign for the Leo is either a bronze or even a more daring golden nail polish. Don’t go too far with the sparkling effect, but show off your inner goddess.

Virgo Nail Colors


As a Virgo, you can easily give so much to others that they end up taking advantage of you. Even if you have great judgement, you just have too much to give. Show off and gain a bit more confidence with a bright and bold red. Alternatively, go for a more subtle statement with a deep navy or a chocolate brown.

Libra Nail Colors


Romantic and relaxed, Libra women prefer subtlety and just letting things come naturally. Your main choice of nail color by zodiac sign is nude, but you don’t have to cut yourself off from more daring options. When you’re feeling energetic, opt for a vibrant shade of blue that’s high impact while still showing off your laid back side.

Scorpio Nail Colors


Energetic up to the point of seeming aggressive, Scorpios have two ways of choosing the right nail color by zodiac sign. Pink is always there for showing off your softer side, but for a more elegant look for go for deeper and richer browns. You won’t regret either shade, since both go well with your personality.

Sagittarius Nail Colors


Always challenging themselves, women born under the sign of the archer generally have a positive outlook, completed by sincerity and practicality. You can go with brighter shades of purple that highlight your no nonsense spirit. A bolder choice would be black, but don’t try to show off your edge if you don’t have it.

Capricorn Nail Colors


Neutrals are always a good choice for the Capricorn, and so is blue. A natural and muted taupe can help hold back your fighting spirit when you feel it gets out of hand. Nail color by zodiac sign also indicated that a soft blue also shows your more romantic side.

Aquarius Nail Colors


Strength is not a problem for Aquarius women, so bright shades are always a good choice for nails. You can even pull off neon colors, but if you’re holding back a bit try a rich turquoise.

Pisces Nail Colors


Emotional depth and compassion are some of the most important traits of the Pisces, so soft shades of pink and purple are perfect choices for nails. You can also easily pull off different shades of grey that really speak to you.