Just like fashion, nail art is constantly upgraded by new trends, so if you’re all about maintaining your fashionista status, make sure you’re sporting the coolest and trendy manicure styles. There are numerous manicure ideas for summer to take into consideration when pampering your digits to perfection, and since a hot nail art helps underline elegance and style, overlooking this detail might not be such a good idea.

The new techniques available have helped push the boundaries when it comes to design while the new nail polish hues, textures and nail accessories helped nail art designs become more of a fashion statement tool for women to use in the process of their style definition. This summer, the latest tendencies in nail art are dictated by color, glitter and asymmetrical patterns, so if you wish to give your digits a fashionable allure, take a peek at the following manicure ideas for summer and start gathering ideas for your next manicure session. Whether you’re a DIY kind of gal or you’re addicted to salon manis and pedis, these nail art designs will serve your needs perfectly, so pick your favorite hues, details and recreate the same nail art design or get creative and mash up the details to give your nails a totally unique look.

The glam factor this year is dictated by glitter and with so many glitter hues and textures out there to choose from, the possibilities seem endless. Glitter polishes or glitter dust and flakes as well as shiny nail foils can be used to spice up the look of your nails, so dare to go a bit bolder with glitter and give your nails a super stylish look. Aqua hues, multi chromatic glitter, gold, silver and pink are only a few of the most popular glitter hues this season, so add your fav glitter polish to just the tip of your nails, glitter-up just the ring fingers or add glitter at the base and keep the rest of the nail polished-up using your favorite creamy texture nail lacquer.

The most popular summer motif for your nails is definitely floral. Floral nails are chic, feminine and match all occasions, plus the vast variety of hues, styles and sizes in which flowers can be created enables women to sport a different flower nail art design every time they desire. The most complicated techniques use acrylic paint and professional nail art brushes in the creation process, but because this requires talent and skill, other techniques and products have been created to lower the difficulty process. Thus nail art stickers, dotting tools, rhinestone flowers, and even dry flowers have been created, accessories that can easily be used to update the look of your mani without putting in too much effort. Go colorful with your flowers or keep the design simple using a monochrome hue and a contrasting outline to achieve perfect results as either way your flower-power mani will get all the attention it deserves!

Modern nail polish hues, predominantly pastels and neons have conquered the world with their intense, warm pigmentation, so no wonder that the trendiest contemporary style nail art designs are created using these nuances. Whether you’re using a color mashing technique, like the nail art needle technique or you’re turning towards stripes or color blocking, these fab hues will make your digits a delight to watch. Add in glitter to underline the color transition of your pastel multi chromatic nail art or keep things chic and simple. Another fab hue that you have to try is nude. Nude colored nails exude elegance and refinement as well as simplicity, and with a little bit of ingenuity you can achieve a gorgeous nail art design using this hue. Add glitter or apply a few newspaper cuts over the still drying nail polish to have the text transferred on the nail and voila! You can now enjoy your super fab nails created with little effort, just a bit of imagination and the right technique.

Photos courtesy of Rony-j