There are a myriad of nail polish hues out there, but only a few of them can make you look hot this season. These shades are all over the runways and match perfectly the new fashion trends, meaning you’ll definitely get nail “envy” from all of your friends. Become a true nail queen by opting for the following hot runway nail color trends of 2011, but keep in mind that you must adapt the hues to your skin tone.

Perfectly manicured nails look lovely and can complete the look of any outfit, regardless of your style, so if you want to look hot choose the following must have nail polish hues and add them to your stylish collection. Do your own nails and you’ll definitely save a fortune by avoiding regular trips to the nail salon!

Hot Runway Nail Color Trends 2011

Red nail color

Red is a definite must have as far as nail polishes go, but you can also go for red variations like coral as well as orange tone nail polishes, the results being equally amazing. Apply one or two coats of your favorite red/coral/orange nail polish over your nails and don’t go all the way to the side of the nails if you wish to create a nail lengthening illusion. Half moon nail polish designs featuring red tones look amazing, so give them a try and your nails will definitely be a magnet for attention.

Hot Runway Nail Color Trends 2011

Neon colored nails

Apparently neon hues are back and they look amazing. The new ingredients featured enable the polishes to be highly pigmented and flashy. Go for cool neon yellow, green, trendy hot pinks, electric blues, you name it, and your nails will look hot. Apply the neon shades individually or mix and match different hues for a myriad of gorgeous nail art designs. A great and easy way to upgrade your nails is by creating a double or multiple tone French tip manicure design using your favorite neon colors.

Hot Runway Nail Color Trends 2011

Nude and dark colored nails

Nude as well as dark colored nail polishes are not to be missed especially if you wish the nails to receive a more mysterious, powerful allure that states classicism and refinement. These hues are definitely not for everyone as they can create a high contrast with the skin tone, contrast which doesn’t flatter everyone. Go for navy blue, taupe, beige as well as black colored nail polish as they can give your nails that stunning gorgeousness you’re looking for. Apply nail polish simply on all nails or mix and match different hues for a myriad of classy and fabulous nail art designs.

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