Are you tired of your bare and boring nails? These head-turning nail art trends offered by Glitter Color and Neil Salon will provide you with a quick confidence boost to experiment with amazing manicure styles. Land in the spotlight with your creative nail design and don’t forget about the visual impact different prints and patterns can create. If you’re sick of one-weekend nail colors, make sure you use only high-quality nail varnish formulas. Head to the beauty store and purchase a few inspiring nail shades and extra accessories if you want to start a brand new chapter in your beauty book.

Floral Nail Art Colorful Nail Art Fun Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

Celebrate the cult of multi-tonal manicures by creating your own art work. Use shades from pastels to neon to pull off an intriguing and fun look. These professionally-created nail art compositions will definitely make your pulse race. This is your guide to become gorgeous in a few steps. Discover the ‘it’ print trends which can be easily incorporated into a high-street mani style. Find the perfect combination of shades that suits your skin tone and personality. Contrastive hues inject an edgy, modern flair into your look. On the other hand, you can also go for the statement effect of neutral colored nails. The black and white shade combo proves to be one of the most impressive alternatives to go glam this season.

Colorful Nail Art Colorful Nail Art Black and White Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

These brilliantly designed nail art trends offer you an insight into the quick development of nail painting. See how manicurists strip off any limitations when it comes to mix/matching different hues and prints. Complement your manicure with rock chic studs, romantic beads or pearls. These all create a different visual impact and you can opt for them depending on the event you’re preparing for and on your mood. The newest nail polish collections of famous cosmetic brands are definitely worth the money. Invest in your manicure kit if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd with your perfectly polished nails.

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