Use your manicure to make the best first impression when you head for a special date or event. These glam nail art trends for Fall provide you with the perfect means to be crowned beauty queen of the night. Some might consider them pretty eccentric, others are fascinated by their radiance, indeed the special and pro manicure trends evolve with the speed of light and offer us the chance to expand the alternatives when it comes to different designs and color use. Combine your favorite shades and add other must have accessories to your nails in order to personalize your manicure and look stunning regardless of the length of your nails.

Colored Tip Nail Art

French manicure is extremely popular due to its simple and easy-to-handle quality. What if we break with the monotony of the white and see-through combo and choose two vivid or neutral shades and use the same technique to apply them. The colored tip nail art follows the tradition of French manicure still makes nail pairing more fun and versatile at the same time. Use your beauty skills and spot the best colors that suit your skin tone and add an extra shade to the tips be it gold or any other metallic shade for a sparkling look. More, you can also limit yourself to matte shades. Pair them with confidence until you get the desired result. In this case all you have to do is apply the base coat then leave it to dry completely and finally add the extra-color patch to the tips.

Rhinestone Nail Art

One of the most glamorous and eye-catching manicure, the rhinestone nail art, might not be as common as the rest of the trends from the list. Indeed, this style requires special skills for application, the rhinestones must be glued to the nails with precision and care. First apply a base coat in this case silver if you wish to combine the shades of nail polish and the tiny stones. Then us a fab nail glue to apply these decorations to your nails. Proceed carefully and keep the health of your nails above all. If you are not sure of your skills, ask the help of a professional or a friend and gradually you’ll polish your own techniques to perfection with regular practice. Choose from the rhinestones and sequins in endless shades available at the local beauty store.

Lace Nail Art

Longing for the glam red carpet and stage manicure designs? Then the lace nail art is the best option to make a smashing style statement. We could see this trend at Rihanna and Lady Gaga who are incurable fans of the exquisite and flamboyant nail art. In this case apply a colored base coat if you want to get immediate attention with the contrastive effect of black and another more vivid shade. However, if you are keen to play up the classy look of this manicure, use a transparent coat and cut the tiny nail lace pieces to fit your nails be it longer or short trimmed. Again use a nail glue to apply the lace and leave it to dry before you use your hand for anything that would ruin your manicure.

Ombre Nail Art

Skimming through the various nail art trends, your eyes will definitely stumble upon the ombre manicure trend which is one of the most complex and at the same time vision-pleasing design on the market. Indeed, the application of a similar design might need some preparation and also the use of special tools and at least and intermediate level of nail artist skills, however following the instructions will help you practice the technique and use it everytime you want to stand out from the crowd. Use the must have nail color trends of the Fall/Winter season and be prepared for the revolutionary nail trends that pop up on the red carpet or the runway.