It seems that nail art designs are expanding their limits and nowadays there is literally nothing you can’t do when it comes to nail art. One of the latest trends that gains popularity is the crackle nail art trend. This technique uses a special shattering nail polish that gives a crackled/shattered/marbled effect.

Crackle nail polishes are created especially to be applied over a coat of dried nail polish and start to shatter and develop cracks as the coat dries. The result is absolutely fierce and fashionable and the combinations which can be achieved are endless.

The innovative shatter nail lacquers come in a variety of shades, but the most common shades used are black and white. They can be used to coat any nail varnish shade, the results being unique regardless of the colors. From soft pastels to shimmery brights or mattes, anything goes and the best thing about this one of a kind nail polish is that it can be used with ease by anyone.

Now you can say good bye to those expensive nail salons and hello to homemade nail art as you can now have a fabulous at home manicure created by yourself. The shattered effect nail polishes have to be applied over a dried nail polish as you would apply any other nail varnish and soon after application the results will start to become visible.

Katy Perry for O.P.I

Serena Williams has created a fabulous nail polish duo for O.P.I, the Glam Slam nail polish collection which features so far a simply smashing green nail varnish and a shattering black coat. Three new shades are also on the way, but you can also use as base whatever nail polish shade comes to your mind. Katy Perry also teamed up with O.P.I to create her own nail varnish collection and it too features a shattering black coat for a one of a kind manicure look. Red, green, turquoise, white, pink, yellow are only a few base colors you can use to make the crackles stand out and attract attention.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create a great looking, edgy nail art design, this is the way to go. The skills required to create a great looking crackle nail art design is minimum, so get your own nail set and experiment. Go for the same shades on all the nails or be creative and apply an individual nail polish shade on each nail for an edgier, unusual effect.