Looking for the right nail polish for tan skin? Find out which are the right shades that will make your nails stand out and how to choose nail polish for your skin tone.

Whether you want a natural tan or prefer a self tanner or just a touch of bronzer, when your skin changes color, you’ll need to rethink your favorite shades of nail polish. Here’s how to get the right look for beautiful nails and beautiful skin.

Nail Polish Colors for Tan Skin

When you want to really make your tan pop, you wear white, so why not do the same for your nails? You can choose a heavier opaque white or simply go for a natural look, like the RGB Nail Color with grey undertones.

Nail polish colors for tan skin include the widest variety of shades that will look good on you, but there’s one you should absolutely avoid. Matching nail polish and skin tone with a gold shade is a really bad idea in the summer and it will lose its impact.

Brown Tone Nail Polish For Tan SkinNail Color For Tanned Skin

For a low key look, find the right shade of nude to create lovely nail art designs, but don’t be afraid to experiment with more daring options. Blues and purples, along with copper brown and even pink make for excellent choices when it comes to the best color nail polish for tan skin.

Pastel NailsNail Color Mix

Best Nail Polish for Your Skin Tone

When you’re looking for the right nail polish for your skin tone, the base color is your biggest clue on how to pick polish.

Pale complexions need blue-based nail polish, and can wear the whole range of pastels, along with beige. Dark colors, orange, gold and yellow are usually wrong choices.

Nude Nail Polish For Skin ToneNail Polish For Bronzed Skin

Fair complexions have a warm tone, but it’s usually a toss up between blue-based and yellow-based shades. White, dark pinks, medium purples and reds are all good choices, along with silver.

Olive complexions can choose from both vibrant colors and rich darker hues. Bronze shades and pastels may clash with your skin tones, but gold, brown and peach or reddish-brown are all excellent choices, along with lilac and light blue.

Neon Nail Color For Skin ToneRed Nail Color

What Nail Polish Looks Good on Dark Skin?

When you have dark skin, the one color you should stay away from is dark brown. Look for brown-based undertones, but choose rich shades, from gold and chocolate brown to deep purples, greens and blues. All these shades answer the question “What color nail polish looks good on dark skin?”, but when you simply want a vibrant red, go for the yellow-based reds for the right nail polish for your skin tone.

White Nail Polish For Tan SkinPink Nail Polish For Skin Tone

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