Once your wardrobe is in place, and you know what new makeup colors you need, remember to give your nails the same courtesy. Find out which big nail trends will be even bigger in 2016!

Check out some of the best nail trends, nail shapes and nail colors and decide which fits your style best. From attention-grabbing nails to subtle effects and subdued nail art, here’s everything you need to know for the perfect manicure this season.

Glitter Nails

The ‘70s have been making a big splash on the runways for a few seasons, with fringe, flares and other details, but one of the best nail trends in 2016 is inspired by the disco movement. Adding glitter in a contrasting shade than your base will help you create dramatic and gorgeous looks. You can opt for a sheer color with just a tiny touch of glitter for the office.

Natural Nails Glitter Manicurephoto

Glitter Nail Art

Glitter Manicure 2016 Nail Trendsphoto

Glitter Gel Nailsphoto

Built In Glitter Nailsphoto

Short Nails with Rounded Tips and Bold Gel Nails

Squares shapes have had their moment, and they’re on their way out. Stick to shorter nails and don’t worry about perfecting square or squoval tips anymore. By creating symmetry between the rounded bottom of your nail and the tip, your nails won’t just look perfect with a lot less work, they’ll also be on trend.

Squoval Nail Shape Trends 2016

Different Gel Nails Shapesphoto

Reds, Burgundy, Plums

Sexy reds never go out of style, but should feel free to experiment with deeper shades and it’s time for you to find your own perfect wine shade, deep plum or burgundy. No matter how much you love the look, remember that it works a lot better for evening than for day.

Red Nail Polish Trends 2016

Plum Nail Color Trends

Burgundy Nail Color Trends

Brushstroke Nails

If you’re looking to make your nails stand out, try one of the 2016 nail trends that most women will avoid. This particular nail art featured nails covered in delicate brushstrokes. If you’re not sure you can master this look easily, try it on press-on nails first.

Brushstroke Nail Trend

Brush Stroke Manicure

Sheer Colors

For a more sophisticated and understated look, don’t be afraid of washed out shades. Going sheer is already a huge trend for 2016, whether you prefer the softest shades of pink or a daring black. You can make your own sheer nail polish by mixing a few drops of colored polish with a clear base coat.

Sheer White Nail PolishSheer Nude Nail Polish Colors

Sheer Black Nails

Sophisticated Nail Art

Nail art has been slowly gaining a lot of exposure in the mainstream, and one of the 2016 nail trends is the literal interpretation, nails that actually look like paintings. If you’re not crazy about the brushstroke trend, you can opt for reproductions of iconic works of art on your nails or go for a watercolor vibe. 

Van Gogh Nail Art

Klimt Classical Art NailsWatercolor Nails

Negative Space Nails

Focusing on the negative space is one idea that fits with the fall’s minimal approach. From single stripes to appliqués, less is more. Stick to a clear base and opt for colorful French tips, or work with two neutral shades to create the perfect design. 

Negative Space Nail Art

Negative Space Pastel Nailsphoto

Negative Space White Nails

Matte Grays and Nudes

Make a strong statement with a matte shade of gray or beige, that’s quickly on its way to becoming the ultimate neutral. Paired with long gel nails, matte neutrals can take your look to the next level.

Matte Gray Nail Polish

Matte Gray Nail Artphoto

Matte Nude Nail Polish

Iridescent Nail Polish

Going for a high-sheen finish with a touch of iridescence is also one of the best nail trends for 2016, but it’s not easy to pull off. Find inspiration by layering different shades of golds or silvers, while a metallic neutral can be softened with a matte topcoat.

Iridescent Mermaid Nails

Iridescent Nail Polish