The new season is all about pretty elements whether it’s fashion, makeup or nails you’re talking about and since details make all the difference when it comes to personalizing a look, they should be a top priority. 

One of the details that can definitely make a difference as far as your look goes is nail art, so pay attention to your manicure as well as pedicure as this way your look will be complete. 

There are a myriad of stylish pedicure nail art designs to draw inspiration from, patterns that follow the summer 2012 tendencies, so if you’re lacking inspiration, take a peek at the following stylish pedicures and draw inspiration for your next pedi session!

That perfect pair of sandals that you love to wear or that stylish, uber-comfy pair of flip-flops will look so much better when paired with a perfectly looking pedicure! 

Make sure you wrap your toenails in the hottest nail lacquers displayed in the hottest motifs.

Regardless you’re addicted to nail salons or you’re more of a DIY kind of gal, these nail art designs will enable you to get your toenails looking stylish, so replicate the exact patterns or put your own touch into the designs to achieve a totally new look, as either way it’s a win-win situation for you. For the ladies that turn towards the help of a pro nail artist achieving a flawless looking pedi will be super easy, just print the pic and show it to your nail artist, but for the honeys that love to do their own nails, a little bit of skill and patience will definitely come in handy. The result obtained is well worth the effort deposited and considering the fact that a good nail polish lasts for weeks on the nails without the need of a touch-up, you will only put in the effort once every couple of weeks to get your toenails look hot.

The pedicure nail art designs that scream trendiness and style are the same ones that have been established for your mani, so flirty polka dots, striped, nautical inspired motifs, romantic floral patters, color blocking effects and accessorised nails are the perfect details to mash-up. You can go symmetrical when it comes to your pedi, but if you’re looking to achieve a more dramatic, edgier look, go asymmetrical and choose a different design or color for every toenail. The best details can be obtained with a stylish nail art brush, but if you’re not too skilled at handling a brush, you can turn towards other tools or tricks such as a scotch tape to create straight lines or a toothpick to achieve perfect polka dots.

Use neon hues as well as pretty pastels for your nails this summer as these are the most popular hues to experiment with. Glitter and colorful gems, glitzy glam rhinestones and glistening litter flecks are hot nail art accessories to try, so dare to go a bit bolder as you can easily correct any flaws in your nail art with nail polish remover.

Photos courtesy of Nail Yumi