Take advantage of the endless possibilities when it comes to nail art as the summer season has made perfectly polished nails a requirement for all fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts. If you’ve been waiting to show off your super stylish sandals this summer, you need to pair them with an equally stylish pedicure as this is a combo that never fails to catch people’s attention. So make sure you pay attention to this detail as it’s the small details that make a difference when it comes to beauty and style.

If you’re tired of sporting the same old pedi designs, a simple nail polish color or a simple French pedicure, take a peek at the following pretty pedicure nail art ideas that sync perfectly with the summer 2012 trends and draw inspiration for your next pedi session. Even though these could compete with Christmas nail designs, given the the rich adornments, don’t shy away from eye-catching add-ons as they can easily perk up a simple nail color. Recreate the looks exactly or add a few details that are all about you, so you can achieve a unique nail art design that will match your personality and mood perfectly.

Think of your toenails like a bare canvas that is luring you in to test your talent and since the possibilities when it comes to styling up your digits are endless and you can easily erase any mistakes with a bit of nail polish remover, there’s nothing stopping you to put your skills to the test. If you love glitzy-glam nail art designs, you’re going to love the styles featured above as they combine the power of glistening nail art accessories and glitter with the pretty powerful mood changing properties of high pigmented nail lacquers. Test the limits and give a half-moon nail art design a try, opt for a stylish ombre nail art style or spice up the look of a monochrome nail polish with a contrasting glitter applied asymmetrically over the nails or with the help or stylish rhinestones that can easily be applied over wet nail polish.

If you wish to achieve a more edgy looking pedi without however having it chip away a bit of your femininity, choose a color clashing nail art design created using the prettiest pastels. A design which features a mix of pigments can be a bit difficult to achieve for nail art newbies, but there are numerous techniques that you can turn towards to make the process easier. Use scotch tape to create straight lines, opt for nail art stickers to underline the transition between the colors or turn towards the help of professional nail art brushes to achieve the graphic design that caught your eye.

Pretty prints are a definite must try if you’re all about trendy and flirty nail art designs and the details that have proved their powerful style this summer are pretty polka dots, floral prints, lace applications and exotic motifs. To achieve an eye catching result use highly contrasting colors whether you’re hand-painting the details, applying them using Konad stamps or stickers as only this way you’ll achieve a cool pedi that is bound to steal the spotlight. Seal your pretty pedi nail art design with a clear top coat and enjoy your gorgeous high shine pedicure for weeks!

Photos courtesy of Nails Lei