Attention to detail is mandatory when it comes to underlining style and one of the details that should never be overlooked is the beauty of your nails. Whether we’re talking about manicure or pedicure, nail art can add that finishing touch that makes a difference when it comes to beauty.

The importance of perfectly polished toenails has been long established, so no wonder that women are constantly searching for new pedicure nail art designs to complete their new season style.

Just as the fashion world, the nail art scene is subjected to seasonal changes, the need for up-to-date nail art designs capable of complimenting the new season fashion trends has been high.

Choosing right from such a vast range of toe nail art designs is definitely not easy, so in order to make prettying-up your nails much more fun we’ve put together a selection of new season pedicure nail art ideas to browse through and use as inspiration. If you’re ready for a total nail-over, take a peek at the following pedicure nail art designs and choose the ones that you feel will go perfectly with your fall season style.

The fall 2012 fashion trends have been packing a heavy dose of variety when it comes to style, however one of the styles that caught our attention with ease, the baroque fashion trend, proves to be a perfect style to get the nails into attention as nothing draws attention more than sophistication. Whether through baroque prints, the use of heavy glitter details that take towards this trend, you can achieve numerous baroque inspired toe nail art designs that will be difficult to ignore. However, if you’re not a fan of heavy detailed nails (which you can easily obtain using nail art accessories), turn towards the use of rhinestones and/or glitter flakes to give your nails a glamorous, all-sophisticated look as the color palette of these nail art products is incredibly vast, so you can definitely find the autumnal pigments that work for you best.

Pretty prints and graphic details will never disappoint if created using the right technique and by a well trained hand. There are numerous tools and techniques which aim to make the process of polishing the nails to perfection fun and less difficult, so make sure you have everything you need to create a graphic nail art design on standby. Pretty floral motifs hand painted or glued-on (stickers), chevron prints, stylish dots, lines and any other graphic details will surely make your nails look fantastic, so get creative and go bold with prints covering all your toenails or just every other toe as symmetry is no longer a requirement when it comes to style.

If you love edgy, ‘out there’ nail art designs but you don’t have the skills or patience to create them, add-ons are the perfect option for you. These details are amazing and can instantly transform the look of your nails without too much effort, so choose to experiment with colorful gems, pearls, rhinestones, lines, etc, as they are all cool. The add-ons are applied on a wet top coat applied over your fave dry nail color, so start styling and going wild with your pedicure as heavy, glam details have been also highly popular on the fall 2012 runways.

Photos courtesy of Starrys-Nail