French pedicure is easy to do and makes your feet look good. Find out how to make your own French pedicure at home with these easy to follow steps.

Pretty toenails polished to perfection are a must regardless of the season. Pedicures are not only intended for visual benefits, they're also an important foot care treatment that will keep your toenails neat and clean, so in order to give yourself a French pedicure you will need the following:

- soft pink or soft peach base coat nail polish
- white nail polish
- clear to coat
- rubber band (if you're not too steady with your hands)

If you have time and you want to make your pedicure more enjoyable soak your feet in warm water for about 5 minutes to soften your skin.

Exfoliate by using a gentle scrub or other pedicure treatments, then take a foot cream and gently give yourself a foot massage for an extra relaxation effect. After the cream penetrated your skin completely take care of your cuticles and trim your toe nails.

french pedicure

You can either cut your cuticles or just push them by using your nail or a cuticle pusher.

For a French pedicure your toe nails should be a bit grown out because that is where you will apply the white nail polish. You can do this with gentle strokes or you can use the rubber band as a guiding strip - it all depends on your comfort and skill.

You can give your toe nails a square or round shape, but on a square nail it is easier to apply an even straight white line.

Start by applying the tinted base coat first and leave it to dry.

After your nails are dry using the white nail polish draw a straight and smooth line on the tip of your nails working your way from one corner to the other. Don't draw the line too thick or too thin.

Try to make it the right size for your nail. Wait for the white polish to dry and apply a thin layer of the tinted base coat to get a neater look.

Now you are ready to show off your nice pedicure but make sure your nail polish is dry before getting your shoes on.