Toe nails are just as important as the ones that are more visible. Especially with the arrival of the summer we should devote more time and attention to our pedicure. These statement accessories when sported plain and polished or decorated with the various nail art trends would offer us the chance to look stunning. Brighten up your look with a refined pedicure you do it in your own home. In order to preserve the spotless condition of your nails make sure you keep in mind the basic home pedicure tips. These will guide you through the various phases of cleansing, conditioning and pampering. Use the proper tools and products to restore the flawless state of your nails. Grant yourself with a soothing spa session that would guarantee your success on the beach as well as wearing your summer sandals. Read through the following tips before you would start the spa treatment.

First and foremost it is important to get rid of the old nail polish and cleanse the surface from chemicals. This will also us to remove all the dirt and other contamination from the nails. In order to eliminate the old varnish appeal to the use of a skin-friendly nail polish remover.

Acetone might be one of the popular choice still it is not the most beneficial one. Limit yourself to the natural formulas in order to pave the way for the perfect nail spa session. Make sure you erased the tiniest traces of the polishing.

Soak your feet in a natural and soothing lotion, keep your feet for at least 10-15 minutes in it in order to soften the cuticles and allow the proper cutting of the nails with professional clippers. Those who would like to combine the fun with function should plan their pedicure routine right after taking a bath.

Use some of the best exfoliators or scrubs that would spare your feet from the dead cells and dry skin patches. This will also boost the blood flow in your feet and contributes to the healthy growth of the nails.

Cut the nails with a pro nail clipper to the desired length then use a filer to add the perfect shape to these. Whether you are a fan of roundish shape or would like opt for angles and corners make sure you choose the right direction to polish the corners and sides. In order to prepare the nails for a nail art design or a simple varnish make sure you massage some foot cream or lotion into the skin as well as the nails. This should be done with care as it offers the proper conditioning to combat dry skin and other damages.

The subject of cuticles is pretty controversial some would encourage its removal other would swear on the efficiency of cuticle pushers. Indeed the best way to maintain the healthy look and condition of your toenails is to soften the cuticles with a nice foot soak then push the skin back. This way you won’t deprive yourself from the protection of the cuticles it offers against bacteria and other contamination.

After you finished with the massaging session, make sure you eliminate the extra-oil that accumulated at the surface of the nail with a cotton swab or nail polish remover. These solutions will keep the surface dry which guarantees the proper application of the nail polish.

Start applying the base coat, then additional ones if you wish. Use nail varnish that has all the important nutrients to condition and protect your toenails. Vitamin E and B are extremely paramount for the healthy growth of nails.

Remove the nail polish excess with the help of cotton swabs or an orangewood stick, this should be dipped in nail polish remover and can eliminate all the traces of the lotion from the skin as well as cuticle to keep them clean and neat. Wait 7-9 minutes while the nail polish completely dries.

Keep these guidelines in mind when planning your home pedicure treatment. It is also important to pay special attention to hygiene and the use of natural products in order to protect your toenails from additional disorders as well as bacteria or infection.