For your first salon pedicure, you should always check out the place before making an appointment to confirm that everything looks good. Getting your first pedicure can be a pleasant experience as long as you feel safe.

Most salon customers inquire about the safety measures for pedicure tools, including the footspa, so don't be embarrassed to find out more about the right sanitation procedures before booking a pedicure.

How to Prepare for Your First Pedicure?

When getting a pedicure for the first time, there are a few ways in which you can prepare yourself. Polish removal is usually one of the first steps of the process, but glittery polish can take much longer to remove. If you don't want to wait around or tip more than the usual 20-30%, you can remove the glitter from your toenails in advance.

Pedicure In A Salon

Shaving your legs is another way to prepare yourself for your first pedicure. A pleasant foot massage is one of the answers to the question what do pedicures include. To fully enjoy the massage without hair getting in the way, shave your legs the night before.

Dress prepared for a pedicure: open toed shoes or flip-flops and capri pants that you don't have to roll up are good choices.

What to Expect When Getting a Pedicure?

If you opt for a classic pedicure, your feet will be soaked in a warm water footspa during each step of the pedicure. If you're wondering what do pedicures include, the main steps are: removing nail polish and moisturizing, filing and shaping nails, pushing back or trimming cuticles, foot scrubbing, moisturizing again and applying nail polish.

Some salons also offer a quick way to dry nail polish, but it's always better to wear the right shoes so your pedicure stays as lovely as it looks like when complete.

Callous removing is another item on the what to expect when getting a pedicure list and you can decide for yourself what kind of tools to be used. If you want to skip the callous remover that features a metallic blade, don't be afraid to ask for just the regular treatment with a pumice stone.

First Pedicure Tip

How Often Should You Get a Pedicure?

After your first pedicure, you can schedule a monthly appointment or even a bi-weekly one. Good pedicures usually last longer than manicures, but if you have a problem like dry skin or calluses, you might even do it three times a month.

Pedicures while pregnant are safe, but it might be wiser to opt for a dry pedicure or do it yourself at home to avoid the risk of any infection with a fungus or bacteria.

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