When it comes to your pedicure, the possibilities are endless as nail art enthusiasts have gone overboard with their creativity, thus pushing the boundaries when it comes to nail art across the limits. If you’re looking to adapt your look to the new trends, dare to browse through the following pedicure nail art designs as these fab styles are uber-popular.

It’s imperative to switch your summer nail polishes with new season nail lacquers as the nail art color scene is also subjected to seasonal changes, having influences from the fashion podiums and both vivaciously pigmented and toned-down hues are a perfect choice to consider.

When it comes to new season pedicure nail art designs, don’t hesitate to go bold. The transition to fall enables you to still sport boldly patterned toenail art designs, so choose autumnal tones to create beautifully detailed floral motifs on your digits.

Now, going too floral is not a great idea, instead opt for an asymmetric pattern and style a cute floral print design on your big toenail or on every other toenail, depending on personal preference.

Creating floral motifs doesn’t require too much skill as with a nail art brush and even a dotting tool you can create amazing floral motifs that will have a professional allure.

The fashion scene influences greatly the nail art scene, so no wonder that pretty polka dots are present when it comes to upcoming season nail art. Polka dots are definitely the easiest nail art detail to turn towards when considering a more sophisticated looking nail art and all you need to style the pretty polkas is a nail art dotting tool or a toothpick. Depending on the size of the ballpoint end of the dotting tool, you’ll be able to create tiny or big polka dots using your favorite nail polish hue. Dip the end of the dotting tool and dot away to perfection on a clear, dry and contrasting colored base and seal the design using a clear top coat to enhance the shine and give your pedi a cool fresh and fab look.

If you’re more advanced when it comes to DIY nail art designs, you can choose to paint your own nails in a more sophisticated pattern by going for graphic designs that hypnotize from first glimpse. Aztec prints, paisley prints, chevron motifs, abstract prints can be easily created using detailing nail art brushes and nail art needles, so get creative with your pedicure and give your toenails an eclectic look. Create the stylish motifs on random nails and choose contrasting colors that work well together, so the result can instantly draw smiles.

Photos courtesy of eale-kobe