The new season trends have obviously influenced the nail art scene for just as fashion is seasonally updated, nail designs are constantly reinvented to correspond to the latest style standards. When it comes to the modern woman, perfectly polished digits and toenails are a requirement, so if you wish to keep your style up-to-date, browse through the following cool pedicure nail art ideas and recreate the toe nail art designs that you feel suit perfectly your personality. 

Consider your nail as an empty canvas which you can test your skills on as any mistakes can be easily corrected with a bit of nail polish remover, meaning that you can have your toe nails looking fabulous without even trying too much.

This season, nail color trends bring into our attention cooler colors such as taupe, nudes, oxblood, green and royal blue, but that doesn’t mean that vivaciously pigmented nail lacquers haven’t made it to the fall nail color scene.

There are numerous cool pedicure nail designs to test this fall and the best and the easiest ones to style involve the use of glitzy-glam add-ons. These nail art accessories come in an array of colors and styles, so you can always select a cool style to compliment your mani and pedi. This fall bedazzled toenails are super popular especially when you’re wearing peep-toe pumps or booties as they will instantly give you a more glam, sophisticated allure. 

Apply the nail art accessories over your favorite nail color and let them do all the magic. Apply them directly over the still wet nail polish or apply a top coat before you proceed to creating your bedazzled pedicure. The most popular add-on hues this upcoming season are gold and silver, but you can experiment with other adorable hues as they are all amazing.

If you’re a bit more skilled when it comes to polishing your toenails to perfection, graphic details can definitely make your pedicure look unique. Perfect for the edgy, sophisticated honeys, graphic nail art designs can instantly transform your look and thankfully there are numerous techniques and nail art tools that aid with the high skill level graphic details usually require. Plaids (checkers), needle nail art graphic details, stripes, Aztec prints and any other graphic details can help create hypnotic pedicures, so give these a try before you move on to something even more sophisticated.

If you’re all about adopting ultra-feminine styles, a lovely glitter toe nail art or a fabulous floral motif created on every other nail can definitely be the perfect option to consider. Glitter can be easily mashed-up without care and still look amazing while floral motifs can be easily created if you have the right tools and a bit of practice. Start simple and create simple flowers using a dotting tool and circular motions and progress to sophisticated motifs using acrylic paint and some nail art brushes dipped in two contrasting color acrylics. Use a detailing brush to underline and contour the flower petals and your nails will be a magnet for attention and compliments. Seal the toe nail art designs using a clear top coat to ensure a longer duration of your pedi and give the design a more professional looking, shiny finish.

Photos courtesy of Earlys Nail Nima