Since the summer season has got us sporting the trendiest sandals, comfiest wedges and flats your toe nails need to be matched to the trendy style of your shoes, and this is where chic toe nail art designs come into the picture.

Just as your manicure, your pedicure can instantly transform your look, so make sure you pay attention to the smallest details if you’re all about underlining your style as it would be a shame to pass on the opportunity of polishing your look to perfection.

The world of nail art design is vast, fun and exciting, so explore and exploit the new and trendy pedicure nail art styles as it’s all in your advantage.

Whether you’re a devoted nail salon client or you’re more into DIY nail art, there is definitely a toe nail art design out there that you can relate to, so say goodbye to simple lacquered nails and hello to fab pedis featuring cool colors, glitter, add-ons and shine!

This summer a little bit of glamor can’t do any harm, so dare to go bolder and add a bit of ‘bling’ to your pedi by going all-glitter with your nails. Whether you’re all for fierce designs such as leopard print glitter nails or you’re more about romantic, chic designs that feature a mix of creamy finish and glitter nail polish, you can’t go wrong with your glittered-up pedi.

Opt for glitter nail polish or apply a glitter dust or glitter flakes using a nail art brush over your favorite wet nail polish to get fab, instant results. To get your nails to shine apply a clear top coat over your glittery nail polish and you’ll surely achieve a salon-looking pedicure that will attract plenty of attention.

The easiest pedicure that you can opt for is created using the help of rhinestones and other 3D accessories that are applied on wet nail polish or gel. A simple coat of nail polish on the nails does look good, but if you add a few shiny rhinestones in your desired size, the result will be fabulous. Create a stylish halfmoon pedicure using rhinestones or apply them randomly on your nails as it really doesn’t matter as long as there’s a certain consistency in the pattern.

If you’re looking for something with a little bit of an edge, yet still maintains a stylish feminine allure, turn your attention towards oversized floral toe nail art, lace details, stylish polka dots, funky prints, stripes, you name it as at the end of the day a graphic print will help achieve a hypnotic look. Get creative with your nails and test various tools and color combinations as at the end of the day it’s only nail polish and any unflattering results can easily be erased with a bit of nail art remover.

Photos courtesy of Akeblo Ladynada