Shellac French Manicure Kits, produced by CND cosmetics, are increasingly popular both in salons and at home. Discover the benefits and drawbacks of the Shellac manicure and decide if it’s right for you.

Advertised as a special process using gel that’s less harmful to nails than acrylics, the Shellac manicure can last up to two weeks, but it’s application and removal are different than those used for regular nail polishes.

Shellac French Manicure Pros

If you don’t want to worry about your nails for a week or even two, the Shellac French manicure is the right way to do it. With a longer lasting effect and less chipping than regular nail polishes, the CND Shellac is certainly a good solution for times when you’re simply too busy for your nails. Shellac French manicure results point out that even if it does start chipping earlier than expected, it’s still a good look and lasts longer than traditional products.

Shellac French Manicure Shades

Shellac French Manicure Cons

While this method of doing a French manicure results in much more stable results, it’s definitely not for everyone. First of all, it’s only recommended if you have healthy nails. Splitting, peeling and any fungus infections are signs that you should not be using the Shellac French manicure until your nails are completely healthy.

Another big drawback of the Shellac manicure is that it lasts longer when it’s done at the salon, with special UV lamps and removal treatments. If you plan on getting a Shellac French manicure at home, you’ll have to buy the UV lamp and removal solution separately.

If you like to change the style of your nails more often than a week or two, you might be bored with the long lasting results of Shellac French manicure kit.

Shellac Manicure Pros And Cons

How Much Does a Shellac French Manicure Cost?

In salons, the expected price for the Shellac manicure ranges from $30 to 40$, with around $5 for removal that’s not followed by another application.

Some of the Shellac French manicure kits cost in the same range, but others can go over $60, and that’s simply for the basic kit, without any of the accessories for application and removal.

Shellac French Manicure at Home

Using this gel at home entails two things: buying a low voltage UV lamp to ensure it dries correctly and purchasing a Nail Surface Cleanser, which may contain strong acetone.

The Shellac French manicure colors are also limited, with white polish being the most popular, but they also include pink, red and other mesmerizing shades.

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Photos: Thinkstock, CND