This season is all about experimentation and versatile beauty trends. Those who wish to start their top-to-toe makeover at the nails will have the chance to flip through a multitude of manicure designs. Lady-like fashion conquered the beauty as well as the hair industry.

Nail art is adapted to the it-est style waves, therefore you’ll have the privilege to skim through a fab selection of classy designs. French manicure is the easiest to create and wear a style you can embrace without any pro skills in nail painting. Stuff your nail polish set with other vibrant and sight-pampering hues and start the re-style project. These new season French manicure nail art ideas can serve as the ultimate source of inspiration for all beauty bunnies.

Yellow French Manicure Purple French Manicure Floral French Manicure

Still trying to find the perfect manicure? Take a break from your busy schedule and consider all your alternatives. These professionally inspired nail designs are here to save you from any style meltdown during the hot season. Honor party events with a drop-dead-gorgeous look crowned with a dazzling mani. In order to ease your task preserve the traditional pattern of French manicure. Apply a thicker or thin streak and leave the rest of your nails bare.

However, if you’re ready to take your nail painting talent to the next level consider some extra-accessories as stickers, rhinestones and beads. These can definitely grant you with the admiring glimpses you were lusting after. As every girl knows, keeping your nails in top shape is a beauty mantra to keep in mind. Your manicure can reveal so much about your personality and style-consciousness. Emphasize your flirty elegance with these chic nail art styles.

Purple French Manicure Animal Print French Manicure Orange French Manicure

Play with shades that complement your skin tone and don’t shy away of neon or metallic hues as these can definitely vamp up your look in an instant. It is also extremely important to purchase only high quality nail varnishes. The composition of these products will have a tremendous impact on the success of your nail painting session. Quick dry formulas seem to be the hot stuff of the season, therefore have them in your personal beauty kit.

Credit: Thinkstock Photos