The hottest nail designs are everywhere from the red carpet to the runway. If you’re ready to join the fashion pack by embracing the perma-trend manicure designs, it’s time to drop a closer glimpse at these voguish examples. Start with simple models that can be pulled off with ease.

Try your hand at the lovely French manicure nail art ideas below to pave the way for your new season makeover. Consider the classy pattern of the popular manicure style and add a modern twist to it by using a wider color palette. Long gone are the days when you had to stick to white and a transparent section to flaunt your refined look. Now, it’s high time to go bold with your beauty aspirations and use your creativity to add a brand new feature to the evolution of nail painting.

Purple French Manicure Pink French Manicure Yellow French Manicure

Beautifully tinted nails are considered the must have accessories of the moment. Skip the minimalist looks and experiment with designs that mirror your creative attitude towards modern nail art. Polish your decorative skills with practice and raid the stores for the newest nail varnish collections. Use only high quality compositions that rule out the chance of any damages chemicals can cause to your nails.

Moreover, it is also essential to prepare the canvas for the perfect mani session. Regardless of the length of your nails, French manicure seems the perfect style to make a statement with. Apply neon or pastel hues on the tips to rock a professionally inspired look. Seeking a detail that can crown your revitalized appearance? The colorful French manicures are here to spare you from the boring weekdays. Choose a block-colored pattern for a simple and stylish effect.

Colorful French Nail Art Floral French Nail Art Gold French Nail Art

On the other hand, if you’re ready to take your nail painting routine to the next level, you have free way to experiment with more complicated models. Use floral or animal prints to keep your manicure versatile and sight-pampering. These examples are here to offer you an insight into the infinite array of alternatives you can try for your next manicure session.

Credit: Thinkstock Photos