French manicure designs offer a wide range of styles. When you’re looking for modern nails with a sophisticated finish, try the best French manicure ideas that can make your nails one of your most attractive features on special occasions, so get your nails looking as pretty as jewelry!

Forget the classic look and give some new ideas a shot. From pretty French manicure designs to modern nail art, here’s how you can make your nails one of the star features of your look.

French Manicure Designs: Reverse French Manicure

An excellent option for longer nails, the reverse French manicure highlights the base of your nails instead of the tip. Since it can make them look shorter, experiment with different colors to find the right look for your nails.

Reverse French ManicureNail Art Idea (4)

French Nails: Colorful Combinations

When you’re willing to go for a funkier look, try colorful combinations between the tip and the rest of the nail. Another twist to put on the classic French manicure look involves coloring each nail tip in a different shade.

91Multi Colored French Nails

French Manicure Ideas: Double Tip

If you’re willing to try an even trendier look, go for the double tip and paint the tips of your fingernails in two shades, two thin strips on each nail. If you want sexy, but not too flashy nails keep the rest of the nail colored in a beautiful nude hue.You might also be interested in: How to Dry Nail Polish Faster

Colorful French ManicureNail Art Idea (6)

French Manicure Designs: Cafe Latte

On cream or nude nails, color the thinnest possible black stripe at the tip of each nail for a sophisticated and subtle look based on the classic French manicure.

Neutral French ManicureNail Art Design

French Nail Designs: French & Half Moon Combo

Double up the fun by combining the traditional French manicure with the half moon style. Color the tips and the base of each nail one color and leave nude or choose a cream or white shade for the rest of nail to get this fantastic look.

Trendy Nail ArtFrench Nails

French Manicure Ideas: All Black

One of the most interesting nail art ideas, the all black look can be perfected using a matte shade of black for the fingernail and a glossy black finish for the tips. If black seems to dark for you try different variations like black and gold or black with white shiny tips to get a fabulous look for your nails on special occasions.

Start off with these great ideas for French manicure designs and once you get bored of them, experiment with acrylic nail paint to create the best looking mani using French manicure ideas with your own twist on nail art.

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Photo credit: Sanoshingo, Caddy-Nails