The classy and timeless nail designs can be easily turned into modern accessories if you use your creativity and nail painting skills. French manicure leads the top of most sought-after nail art trends thanks to its subtle elegance and easy-to-create quality. Those who have a fall for the simple and more high class nail art will find it a real thrill to skim through this wide selection of examples. The latest colorful French nail art designs 2011 come in different shades and styles. You’ll find here mesmerizing and eye-catching models whereas those who wish to stick to the ageless designs will also find more simple and low key styles that still look stunning.

Diversity is the keyword when it comes to these feminine and sophisticated manicure designs. Make sure you find out more on your options and raid the stores for the latest nail polish collections from the market. These fab hues will help you sport some of these cool nail art styles perfect for different occasions. Playful designs decorated with polka dots, stripes and other prints rival the popularity of the animal print patterns as well as the cool monochromatic manicure styles. Embed all these too cool to miss nail tendencies in a high street French manicure to achieve a drop-dead-gorgeous impression

Use your imagination and skills to pull off some of these colorful and overwhelming manicure designs. Stain your acrylic or short trimmed nails like a real pro and juggle with the visual effect some of the statement colors can create. Modern manicure styles will save you from the boring week days and the monotony that could sneak into your life.

Pick your favorite designs from the colorful French nail art presented here and make sure you have all the tools and products to pamper yourself with a soothing nail job. Showcase your style-awareness and fondness for a modern and perfectly polished manicure. Copycat the looks with great style and don’t forget about the condition of your nails to make sure you have the perfect canvas to envision the brand new nail art styles.