What Are Silk Wrap Nails?

Silk wrap nails are a type of artificial manicure which features reinforced nails with a product made out of a synthetic material with silk or fiberglass. Silk wrap fingernails are used in order to adorn and to strengthen weak, damaged nails.

This type of nail reinforcement is usually preferred to acrylics and gels, since it’s less damaging to the natural nail and more flexible. Plus, silk wrap nails replicate the natural look of the fingernails and, more often than not, are not distinguishable from the natural ones.

How To Get Silk Wrap Nails

How Are Silk Wrap Nails Applied?

Most of the time, silk wrap nails are applied at professional beauty centers by beauty specialists that master the technique. It is highly important to have your silk wrap fingernails applied by a skilled technician. Otherwise, damaging of the natural nails may occur.

The beauty specialist will start by buffing your nails until they are completely smooth, devoid of lumps or asperities. After cutting the silk wrap into the desired shape and length, the technician will apply it on your fingernails. Then, he will add a resin to fix the silk wrap nail, and buff your nails once more.

Silk Wrap Nails

In the end, he will apply a hydrating oil to moisturize the cuticles and the area surrounding them.

The silk wrap nail application process may end here if you choose to have as natural looking as possible fingernails. Still, at this point you may also try applying nail lacquer, clear or colored.

Silk wrap nails cost may vary depending on the professional beauty center you opt for. Generally speaking, you should pay around $25 to $50.

How to Apply Silk Wrap Nails at Home

If you’re meticulous, you may try applying silk wrap nails at home. In order to achieve a flawless silk wrap manicure, you should stock up with the necessary supplies and a generous amount of patience.

Silk Wrap Manicure

Start by buying a set of silk wrap nails from a beauty store. Then gather a file, a bottle of nail resin, a nail clipper, cuticle oil, and acetone. Once you have all the supplies at hand, use acetone and a cotton ball to remove oils from your fingernails. File thoroughly each one of them to remove the shiny surface, and then buff them.

Apply resin on the nails and then very carefully apply the silk wrap nails that you have cut in the desired shape beforehand. Make sure you leave a small gap between the silk wrap and the cuticle. Press gently each silk wrap with an orange stick.

After the nails have dried, finish by buffing each one of them to get a smooth appearance, and apply cuticle oil.

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