When you’re dealing with brittle nails, you should take the necessary steps to fix your issue. Nail splitting is called onychoschizia and there are a lot of causes that can contribute to this problem.

Fingernails grow very slowly, so it may take you some time to fix the damage, but it’s important to remove the causes of split nails to make sure the problem won’t occur again.

Splitting Nails and Anemia

Iron deficiency is often responsible for nail splitting. When you’re anemic, you may experience many other symptoms before split nails, including headaches, pale skin and loss of appetite. Making sure your iron levels are normal is an important step if otherwise you give your nails all the care they need.

Water Damage and Splitting Nails

Moisture is another big enemy of your nails. Wetting and drying your nails too often can lead to softer fingernails and toenails, more prone to splitting and breaking. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture by wearing gloves when your hands are submersed in water for long periods of time and avoid very long baths or showers.

Split Nails Prevention

Split Nails and Exposure to Chemicals

Household cleaners can often have a big impact on your skin and on your nails. Plenty of chemicals can lead to nail splitting, from cement to any strong alkaline or acidic substances. Even prolonged exposure to salty water can cause split nails.

Why Do Nails Split: Excessive Use of Nail Products

Certain nail treatments and products are just as bad as harsh chemicals. Acetone can have a big effect on splitting nails, so make sure you only use nail polish removers that are free of this chemical. Other cosmetic products that count as a splitting nails cause include adhesives used for glue-on nails.

What Causes Split Nails: Medical Conditions

When you’re wondering why do nails split, don’t rule out a serious medical condition if you’re experiencing other symptoms. Nail splitting can be caused by a variety of skin diseases, like psoriasis or endocrine system disorders, like hypothyroidism.

Nail Care

Split Nails Prevention

Protecting your nails from any obvious trauma is a good step to take when you’re worried about split nails. Reducing exposure to nail polish removers by using them only once or twice a month can also help.

Nourishing your fingernails and cuticles with hand lotions is another way of preventing split nails, but when the damage is done, apply a coat of clear polish to repair the split.

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