The cold season brings several changes both in our wardrobe and body care routine. Our nails make no exception when it comes of witnesses of chapping and dehydration due to the damages the cold season might generate. There are several methods that can be used either ti reduce the gravity of deterioration or completely avoid it. The cosmetic industry furnishes us with a wide selection of products that will help us face the dangerous factors.

Our nails are more prone to breakage and deterioration even more than during the hot season. Since the immunity to harmful chemicals and even cold water decreases we might face breakage and even discoloration. It is vital to cover them with a protective shield that would eliminate the possible manicure disasters. Be prepared for the worst by learning more on cold weather and nail care.

Exposing the nails to extreme cold can be very dangerous. Keeping them in cool water for a long time might lead to weakening and finally chapping. Besides these two harms nails might also dehydrate which leads to other more severe damages.

The best and cheapest way to avoid these problems is to always dry our hands and nails after washing them or keeping them in chilly water.

Water is also responsible for depraving the nails from their natural moisture. This way these will become dry and sensitive to any external effect. More these might split if we can’t provide them with the necessary nutrients as vitamins and minerals.

The best way to keep our nails in top shape is use a natural or cosmetic moisturizer that would hydrate and nourish the nails maintaining their smooth and spotless condition.

Apply the lotion for each finger separately to ensure the proper application and achieve the desired effect. Furthermore it is even more beneficial if you repeat this tiny ritual after each bath you take. Remember toenails are just as sensitive don’t forget about them either.

A healthy diet will also do miracles with your vulnerable nails. Protein is the buzzword when it comes of nail growth and strengthening. Folic acids as well as Biotin are also top notch solutions for flawless nails. There’s nothing more nutritive than including the ingredients rich in these elements into your daily meals.

The natural moisture from the surface of the nails can be best retained by wearing fine gloves. These accessories are not only extremely voguish but also useful to protect the nails and hands also from the extreme weather conditions and the cold wind. The health of your nails will be further improved if you apply a moisturizer before you put on your smooth gloves. The warmth will increase the efficiency of this quick treatment.

The length of your nails are also worth caring for. Some might be fond of extra-long and beautiful nails, however it seems that there are hardly any chances that these two conditions can be achieved without a meticulous nail care routine during the cold season. Instead you might consider sporting shorter nails that would prove to be more resistant to external influences.This length will also ease the basic hygiene and nourishing process.