Stop nail biting with the right tools, products and methods which can help you break this habit for good. Check out the best methods to stop biting nails and the right nail biting polish which can help speed up the process.

Before you start using a bitter nail biting polish, try to solve the issue on your own. There are many methods to stop biting nails which can help you even without making the action itself very disgusting.

Manage Your Stress Better

Most of the time, nail biting is a symptom of either boredom or stress and anxiety. Around half of all kids and teenagers bite their nails, but some carry this bad habit into adulthood. Once you’ve identified the problem, make sure you get to the root of the problem and either fight boredom or find other ways to relax and manage your stress.

Keep Your Nails Trimmed

Making sure you don’t have anything to bite on is one of the best methods to stop biting nails. Keep your nails trimmed as short as possible for your comfort and you won’t need to use any other nail biting products and methods.

Nail Art

Invest in the Look of Your Nails

Getting a regular manicure is another good way to stop nail biting. The reasoning is that you’re less likely to ruin the look of your nails by gnawing on them than you would be if they didn’t look that good in the first place.

Use Physical Blocks

Getting fake nails is one of the best methods to stop biting nails. Not only is your nail allowed to grow undisturbed, but your fingers will also look their best for a few weeks. If you don’t want to try it out, you can always use other physical blocks that get in the way of your nail biting, including bandages over your nails or simply wearing gloves.

Stop Nail Biting Products

If you’re looking for the best nail biting polish, you should get a product specifically formulated for this problem that includes less harmful chemicals, but gives your nail a foul taste.

One of the best stop nail biting products is the NA-303 Anti-Bite & Nail Growth Nail Polish. Free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor, it’s a top choice for nail biting polish, safe for adults and kids.

Another top choice is the Bite It The Easy Way To Stop Nail Biting, which can be applied directly on your nails or on top of nail polish for a matte finish. It also promotes healthy nail growth when applied correctly on the entire nail, twice a week for the best results.

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