Ingrown nails are a common problem most of us had to face or will face at one point. An ingrown nail occurs when the corners of the nail grows and pushes the soft tissue around it causing a lot of discomfort and pain. The best way to treat ingrown nails is to prevent getting them in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you prevent and treat ingrown nails:

prevent ingrown nails by cutting your nails properly. Improper nail cutting can cause the new growing edges to push into the surrounding tissue. Make sure you cut the nail the same length all around and avoid cutting the edges sharp

as soon as you feel an ingrown nail use softening agents to soften your nail as well as the tissue surrounding it. The softening agents will relieve some of the pain and help you remove the ingrown edge easier

soak your nails into warm water to allow your skin and nails to soften. Stick a little piece of cotton under the corner of your ingrown nail to push it upwards. By pushing the nail upwards the nail will grow normally and stop pushing the soft tissue

do not wear shoes that are uncomfortable and hurt your nails. If you feel your nails are being pushed by your shoes you are more likely to develop ingrown nails because the nail is pushed downwards and as it grows it might not have enough room so it will try to make it’s way through the soft tissue surrounding it. Wear comfortable shoes and shoes which allow your feet to breath

wash your ingrown nails often and apply antibacterial solutions on the ingrown nails to prevent any infections from developing. Feet are covered in bacteria and the open wound from the flesh penetrating nail can cause an infection

do not cut your nails too short to prevent ingrown nails. Cut them so the edges of your nails are relatively the same length as the soft tissue surrounding it. Smooth out the edges of your nail using a nail file so there aren’t any sharp edges

try to cut your nail if you have an ingrown nail but be careful so you don’t cut the surrounding skin. Cut the nail from one side to the other and gently pull the ingrown nail out

if you have an infected ingrown nail or you simply can’t cut it on your own visit a podiatrist or a physician for help