Even though hand care doesn’t seem like such an important thing,well actually it is. Our hands are one of our greatest possessions and they are one of the first things people will notice. They are noticed because of their utility, everything we do is related to our hands, so it would seem only natural to make sure they are in great condition.

Soft, silky hands are the ideal hands and only proper hand care can help achieve those effects. Since we use our hands in everything we do, we expose them to environmental factors as much as our face, thus they need the same kind of attention. Here are some tips to ensure your hands are well taken care of, in order to look and feel as good as they should:

wash the hands before every meal and moisturize in order to maintain the skin silky soft. Choose an intensive hand moisturizer if your skin is very dry

removing the dead skin cells is very important in order to promote skin cell regeneration.

Exfoliating once a week will allow your skin to look and feel great. You can use a homemade scrub or you can use a purchased one. Make sure you are not using a harsh scrub on your hands to avoid skin damage

protect your hands while you are doing house choirs by wearing rubber gloves. The gloves will protect your skin from harmful chemicals we usually use to clean our household

the Sun can have damaging effects over our skin and our hands are no exception. The effects of the sun’s ultraviolet light are well known so protect your hands and skin with sunscreen

the elements, especially cold wind can strip the moisture from our hands so it is necessary to protect them by wearing gloves. If however you forget your gloves protect your hands by putting your hands in your pockets or by pulling your sleeves to cover them as much as possible

It is always best to prevent skin damage than to try to repair it. Hand care is very important for aesthetics as well as for the health of our skin. Care for your hands because they are your most reliable possessions, and they will always be on of the first things you will see.