Shortcuts for getting the polished look you want for you nails can be very helpful when you’re in a hurry, but the best nail hacks have much more to offer. Discover a few rules you can break along with innovative solutions that can help you create beautiful nail art faster and easier than ever.

Try these simple nail and manicure hacks and you’ll be able to really bring your vision to life when it comes to the perfect manicure that will bring you plenty of compliments.

Quick Drying Nails

When you’re in a hurry, air drying your nails can feel like an eternity. Speed up the process with a quick solution: ice water. Pour cold water in a bowl, add a few ice cubes and dip your nails in it after they’ve air dried for at least 2 minutes. Your nails will be dry much faster and the polish will have a beautiful finish.

Fast Nail Polish Removal

When you’re racing against time to clean your nails, one of the best nail hacks solves your problem with a single cotton ball and a bit of acetone nail polish remover. Tear the cotton ball into 10 pieces and put them on your nails after you’ve applied the acetone, pressing just enough to make them stick. In just 2 minutes, you can pull them off and all of the nail polish will be gone too.

Matte Top Coat Do It Yourself

DYI Matte Finish

A quick solution for making your own matte finish polish, this simple life hack can help you get the desired look for your nails quickly and cheaply. All you need is clear nail polish and corn starch. Start adding the corn starch in small quantities and mixing until the nail polish looks milky white. Add it on top of any glossy polish for a perfect matte finish.

Instant Fishnet Manicure

Want a cool fishnet manicure? Once you’ve applied your base coat and primary color, simply use an artificial loofah. Rip a portion of the net that’s bigger than your nails, apply it on the drier polish and add a secondary color or even glitter for a creative fishnet look for your nails.

Getting Color from a Thin Nail Polish

If your favorite color is too thin, simply use a coat of white nail polish underneath. Add the runny polish on top in two coats for one of the best nail hacks. The end results with be a solid color that still pops. This trick is especially useful for bright colors, including neon shades of nail polish.

Dotting Tool Do It Yourself

Perfect Dotting

When you want to get creative but still get professional looking nails, one of the best nail hacks can help you out. All you need is a pencil with an eraser and a pin. Stick the pin into the eraser and dip the thicker end into nail polish to create dots the same size. Make sure you don’t overload the head of the pin with nail polish or it will spread too much.

Whiter Nails

Applying nail polish regularly can affect the natural colors of your nails. Some of the best nail hacks for whitening nails include soaking them in lemon juice or using whitening toothpaste, but baking soda and peroxide are the best way to go. Heat up half a cup of water before adding 4 tablespoons of baking and 2 tablespoons of peroxide. Put the mixture in a bowl and soak your nails for a minute.

Flawless Manicure

If you have trouble when applying nail polish and generally stain your fingers in the process, all you need is a liquid non-toxic glue. Apply glue all around your nails, then apply the color. When it’s dry, you can easily peel it off along with any evidence that you’re not good with the outer lines. It’s one of the best nail hacks unless you use a toxic or industrial-strength glue.

Nail Polish Bottle Lubricant

When you keep struggling to open your nail polish bottles, it’s time for a simple fix for the problem. Once you’ve got it open, simply apply a bit of petroleum jelly around the lid before you close the bottle again. This natural lubricant will keep your bottles easy to open and doesn’t affect the polish in any negative way.

Easier Nail Polish Application

Keeping nail polish in the refrigerator full time can lead to a thicker texture. Instead, use one of the best nail hacks and simply let it cool for 15 minutes before you apply it. This will make it easier to apply.

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