Inappropriate nutrition is an important cause of brittle exfoliating nails. Your nails can become very sensitive especially during colder seasons, when they get exposed to low temperatures. That’s why you should take a look at these 5 foods for healthy fingernails that will help you improve your nails’ condition.

Foods for Healthy Fingernails: Bananas

Bananas can be included amongst the best foods for stronger nails because they’re rich in biotin (or vitamin H), an essential vitamin that will help you strengthen weak and exfoliating nails. Nutritionists even add that a deficiency in biotin can be one of the causes for brittle nails, so it’s better to eat foods that are great biotin sources, such as bananas, salmon, peanuts or cauliflower.

Cauliflower For Healthy Nails

Best Food for Healthy Nails: Chicken

If you’re looking for the best food for healthy nails, you should know that chicken meat is a great source of protein, another essential element for strong fingernails. So, you should provide your body with the daily necessary protein intake. This way, you’ll make your nails healthier and you’ll restore their natural shine. Just make sure to add to your diet some other great foods for healthy fingernails, also very rich in protein: eggs, seafood, nuts or whole grains.

Nutrition for Healthy Nails: Zinc

A great nutrition for healthy nails should also include zinc. This nutrient is essential for your immune system, playing a key role in the formation of connective tissues. And for those of you that are still searching for the best foods for stronger nails, here’s what you should try out: soybeans, lobster, green beans and cashews. Include these foods in your diet and you’ll soon see the results.

Protein For Strong Nails

Food for Strong Fingernails: Eggs

Eggs are also great foods for strong fingernails. You should know that egg yolks are very rich in sulphur, a mineral that helps you regulate your body’s acid-alkali balance. Moreover, sulphur can also be found in some amino acids which are vital in restoring the healthy look of your nails. So, if you want to diversify your diet and try other foods for healthy fingernails, you should also start eating meat, nuts, cheese and fish.

Great Food for Stronger Nails: Beans

If you’re dealing with pale and brittle fingernails, it might be because you have an insufficient iron intake. That’s why you should go for products richer in iron, such as beans, a great food for stronger nails.  

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