Did you find the perfect Valentine's Day nail art design yet? If not, browse through a few interesting ideas and select the ones that most appeal to you.

The most romantic holiday of the year is approaching surprisingly quickly. Have you began brainstorming for ideas on Valentine's day nail art yet? We don't blame you if you didn't, but we would like to offer you some interesting tips if you're interested by any other option beside monochrome nails in the traditional tones for the occasion. It might be tempting to think hearts are the go-to motif for Valentine's nail designs, however, the palette of options extends well beyond that. A bit of creativity can totally transform a cliché into something completely fresh.

Pastels, pretty pinks and red tones are the perfect options for creating a feminine mani, however, using rich accent tones can be a great option for adding interest and originality to the new nail art designs. Also, if you're set on using the heart motif but want something a bit more interesting, an abstract take on the symbol can be a great choice, especially if you opt for the DIY route. Other great options for the occasion are motifs like sexy lips, stars, colorful flowers, bows or even fruits. Thinking outside the box will reveal even more interesting possibilities. Valentine's nail designs don't have to be synonymous with cheesy patterns and overused accents.

Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013 Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013 Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013 Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013

Now, the more complex the theme, the greater are the chances of needing a bit of help in order to translate your vision into a fabulous mani for Valentine's Day. Turning to a professional is not a bad idea if you are just starting to experiment with nail art or if you simply don't want to risk achieving less than perfect results even with enough time dedicated to the task. It's highly recommended, however, not to wait until the last minute to book an appointment if you choose this option as you might have unpleasant surprises.

Still, taking the time to create the mani yourself can be incredibly rewarding and doesn't have to be uber complicated, even if it might seem like it at first glance. Have a bit of glitter at hand and a fab feminine tone? You can create a fabulous look with just these two. If you love the abstract touch geometric elements bring into the mix, you can create a trendy mani with just a bit more effort than the aforementioned idea. Don't be afraid to expand on these ideas until you find the option that most suits your preferences. Celebrating this romantic holiday in style is easy with a bit of preparation beforehand.

Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013 Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013 Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013 Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas 2013

Photo courtesy of Junoyui blog