Thanks to the most talented and aspiring nail artists like the girls from Freakynails we have the chance to experiment with a myriad of ultra glam nail art ideas. Sport a statement manicure during the warm season in order to make sure you break out of your boring box. Draw some inspiration from the oh-so-popular trends and trawl the market for the hottest nail polish collections.

Improve your nail painting skills by starting your nail-over with simple designs. Then you can proceed to the more complex and challenging patterns. These examples are perfect to illustrate the versatility of modern manicures.

Rose Nails Star Nail Art Idea Cupcake Nail Art

Boost your mood with a lovely and colorful mani. Combine vibrant shades with neutrals to create an overwhelming visual composition. Work your way to success by trying your hand at the most impressive nail designs. Cupcakes, floral patterns and stars are only some of the A-list prints you can use to decorate your nails with. Celebs went crazy about the youthful and funny patterns that can be easily applied on both short and long acrylic nails. Pack your nail art kit with high quality formulas that guarantee the long-lasting hold of your manicure.

Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

Animal print nail designs are the hottest accessories of the moment. The it-est manicure trends encourage you to decorate your nails with zebra stripes, leopard spots and other patterns. Take a closer peek at these visionary blueprints of a hot manicure style. Copycat your fave looks by keeping your properly equipped nail kit and high street nail polish formulas at hand. Juggle with shades and make sure you don’t get stuck in a style rut by limiting yourself to a sole hue scale. Neon, pastels and neutral tones are all perfect to crown your appearance with statement nail art. Let these fabulous designs inspire you and start your pro beauty session right now!

Skull Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Hello Kitty Nail Art

Image courtesy of freakynails