Lo and behold, nail enthusiasts! The most brilliant nail polish tool has been invented, a true game changer: the Tweexy (available internationally for $9.95) is the first of its kind silicone nail polish bottle holder that you can use while doing your nails anywhere.

Even the most steady-handed nail artists have their clumsy days and who hasn’t knocked over a nail polish bottle at least once? And we all know how convenient it is to remove nail polish from furniture, carpets and clothes.

The Tweexy nail polish bottle holder fits securely and comfortably around two fingers on your hand, even your thumb, and you can even pop on two Tweexys next to each other for using two nail polish colors, or base or topcoats at once. It is made from soft silicone rubber and it has been tested with over 1,000 different nail polish bottle shapes and sizes.

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder BlueTweexy Holder For Nail Polish

The Tweexy features a bottle grip system that securely holds the nail polish bottle, even when you hold your hand upside down. The grip system will also hold the bottle steady while you open it with one hand. The holder’s expandable rings allow you to easily transfer the Tweexy between hands without smearing freshly applied nail polish.

Tweexy ColorsTweexy Available Colors

The Tweexy nail polish holder retails for $9.95 on Amazon (International shipping is available) and you can get it in three colors: spa green, sapphire night and bonbon pink.