The fact that impeccably lacquered nails can instantly polish your look to perfection is not exactly breaking news, but because there are so many options out there and because every season new nail art designs emerge, we’ve decided to put together a selection of trendy nail art ideas for fall, from which you can easily draw inspiration.

This fall, autumnal hues are the ones to turn towards when it comes to beautifying your digits and the most popular ones are red tones, plum, blue tones, green as well as trendy neutrals. These fabulous pigments look great on their own on your nails, but if you’re looking to take your nails out of the ordinary, the following details will surely make your nails steal the spotlight.

Graphic prints look fabulous when created using the right technique, so make sure you have a cool dotting tool (or a toothpick or nail art needle) and nail art brush on standby to help you create the most exquisite details on your digits. Dots, stars, stylish lines, paisley and cool animal prints are only a few graphic nail art details that will make your digits look hypnotic. You can create these stylish details on your bare nails or over your favorite nail color as either way the result will be worth the effort. 

Keep in mind that the higher the contrast between the nail polishes used, the more visible the result, so choose to overlap your favorite new season nail polish hues.

Asymmetric nail art designs are super popular and can instantly make your manicure pop. There are numerous ways to sport a stylish asymmetric nail color, so opt to incorporate a cool half-moon design on every other finger, opt to color your ring, middle finger and/or thumb using one color and a cool graphic print and keep the rest of the nails colored simple in a totally different hue or a gradient color. Red, gold, plum, neutrals and teal are definitely stylish nail polish hues to mash-up, so choose to create the most modern asymmetric nail art using your fave pigments and patterns.

Glitter and various stylish add-ons can be a perfect solution for glam nails and fortunately these nail art accessories come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors. Display pretty pearls, tiny rhinestones and other details over your favorite nail polish and let their glitzy glam coloration give your nails a totally hot look. Apply the glitter dust or rhinestones/pearls over wet nail polish or over a clear top coat and let them dry to adhere to the nail lacquer. Seal with a top coat and let your nails be worthy of a diva!

Photos courtesy of Dahlia’s Diary