True nail art divas know that perfectly polished nails can make all the difference when it comes to beauty and style. If you’re stuck on ideas for your next nail art design, especially since the holiday season is approaching, take a peek at these trendy holiday nail at ideas and channel your inner nail art goddess to create the most exquisite motifs.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose to revamp the look of your nails using subtle or eye catching glamor designs as variety dominates the nail art scene, meaning your options are limitless. However, the following nail art designs seem to have claimed the top preference positions in the nail art world, so check them out and choose your fave looks.

Heavy embellishments can add high glam accents to your manicure and fortunately there are numerous nail art add-ons to play around with and achieve innovative, glamor nail art designs without too much fuss. Use autumnal tones to create an asymmetric nail art design by applying a different color nail lacquer on selected nails or opt for a simple French tip manicure, a half-moon design or a cool ombre base color and adorn your digits with the most exquisite gems, pearl beads and rhinestones as there is an impressive array of pigments and shapes to choose from. The application process is quite easy, just apply the add-ons while the nail polish is still wet or, if your nail lacquer has already dried, apply the nail accessories between the layers of a clear top coat.

Pretty hand painted nail art motifs look amazing and help show off your creativity, so opt to play with various graphic motifs, heart shapes, animal prints, pretty polka dots or random but precise lines created on bare nails or over your fave nail polish. If you’re not too steady with your hands, create paper/scotch tape patterns that will serve as stencils for your graphic manicure.

Neutral colored nails kept simple or featuring 3D floral applications, lace patterns or pretty polka dots are super popular and a perfect choice for the holiday season as there is a certain elegance backing this color palette. Choose to play with one or various neutral pigments and add achromatic details to enhance the sophistication level of the design as this way your nails will look chic and elegant, ready to polish-up your look from day to evening.

Photos courtesy of Harmonys111