When it comes to fabulous looking nails, age is not important, so dare to experiment and give your nails a total ‘nailover’ with the help of the trendiest nail art designs. There is an array of fab nail art designs that can suit your style as well as age and to look super trendy all you need to do is search for the ones that match your personality best. Acca Style has put together a cool selection of trendy nail art designs and if it’s teen perfect nail art designs you’re searching for, take a peek at the following designs as they ooze youthfulness and style. Diversity is a definite must when it comes to perfectly polished nails, so take advantage of the new nail art techniques developed and the variety of nail polish hues out there and put your imagination to the test. Create new and unique nail art designs or recreate your fav designs invented by professional manicurists or talented nail art enthusiasts as practice is the key to success when it comes to fabulous lacquered nails.

Cute and feminine nail art details can make all the difference as far as your manicure goes and bows, polka dots and stripes are definite must haves this upcoming season if it’s fun and fabulous the style you’re looking for when it comes to your manicured nails. Keep in mind that symmetry is no longer a requirement when it comes to nail art, so you can create a different design on each of the nails if you wish to add a bit of edge to your trendy mani. The summer season implies the use of warm tones and neon brights, so try to lean towards pretty pastels or neon lacquers to achieve the desired nail art style.

Dare to opt for cool graphic details which are underlined by highly pigmented nail polish hues as nothing attracts attention more than cool contrasting hues. Achieve an eclectic nail art design using your favorite new season hues including purple, pink, baby blue, yellow as well as non colors such as black and white. Give a youthful allure to your mani by adding cartoon inspired details, pretty heart shape motifs, checkered patterns or whatever color mix detail that makes you smile.

If you’re searching for a more simplistic or a glam nail art design that will still match your teen style, you can turn your attention towards stylish animal prints, floral motifs, simple monochrome colored nails as well as glittered to perfection nails. Although these nail art designs pack a high dose of sophistication, achieving the designs will not require too much skill. Turn towards the use of nail art stickers and stamps to achieve a floral or an animal print nail art design, use a fan nail art brush dipped in glitter to spread stylish glitter lines on your nails and seal the look with a clear top coat for perfect, fuss free results. If simplicity is your thing, you can choose to color each of your nails in a different hue as this way the nails will not look plain or boring but will ‘pack a punch’ as well. Dare to experiment as it’s only nail polish you’re having fun with!